Sneaker Snaps Challenge 2: Smashin’ Your Passion

  • Becka Diamond, Slowly Goes The Nite
    Breaking Records

    "Music is everything and everywhere for me. Whether I'm out making the party happen as a DJ, or at home relaxing with my ever-growing collection of records, my soundtrack can reflect my mood and wardrobe choices. The Nine West wedge sneaker is amazing because it gives me height, while being totally comfortable, and as a serial heel-wearer, this is genius. I married my sneakers with a pair of sparkly cigarette pants, one of my favorite tees, and a fitted hoodie — a look that transcends day or night. What could be more perfect?"

    LANA in black, available at Nine West.

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  • Ann Colville, Holier Than Now
    All Things Beauty

    "I’m a dilettante in pretty much all areas of life, except beauty. I’m a passionate collector of products — from makeup to skincare to hair. Having worked in the beauty business for most of my career, and now writing about it on a regular basis, I’ve come to learn that it isn’t always about the brand name or the price point; Some of my favorite beauty products are from the drugstore, and others I have to save up for. I’m the same way with fashion — and honestly, it’s much easier to shop both high and low price points and experiment with random finds when the risk doesn’t include a breakout or split ends! I always have my eyes peeled for a great street finds like this scarf, vintage scores like my belt, or a bold-but-affordable accessory like these Nine West gold snakeskin high tops, but I’ll also invest in exquisite pieces like this Rachel Comey dress. "

    Sonni in Bronze, available at Nine West.

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  • Meghan Donovan, Wit & Whimsy
    Fashion Victim

    "I tend to wear jeans or a dress most days, but I love the idea of pairing sneakers with a more feminine dress that has a bit of a mod feel to it. These sneakers dress it down, but the outfit as a whole still feels stylish. With all the walking I do, it’s better to wear more comfortable shoes than worrying about braving the subway in heels! This time, I smashed my favorite coffee table book, In Vogue. I blog because fashion is my passion. It’s something I have always loved since I was little, and I continue to find it fascinating. Moving to New York took that to a whole new level — I love how fashion plays such a huge role in this city."

    DLV 300 in silver, available at Nine West.

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