Sneaker Snaps Challenge 1: Breaking Media

  • Ann Colville, Holier Than Now
    Hanging Up The Phone

    "Back in the day when I was a teenager, we actually paged each other to payphones in NYC. I don’t really remember carrying around bags of quarters, knowing numbers by heart, or the amazing freedom of having no iPhone, Crackberry, etc. I’m a social media addict now, and I’m on the fence a lot about what this has added to my life — except, I know it’s made me much more enthusiastic about getting dressed. I’m constantly emboldened by the sartorial choices of the interwebs! Layering fluorescent sweaters? Saw it online. Carrying your laptop case like a clutch? Spied it on Instagram. Gold snakeskin high tops for day? Hardly a challenge for the average blogger. Though I miss having the option of hanging up on society for days on end, I do truly love the constant connection to inspiration that is my mobile device."

    Sonni in Bronze, available at Nine West.

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  • Becka Diamond, Slowly Goes The Nite
    The End Of Print

    "For the New Media Smash challenge, I tried to remember the last time I sat down and read an actual print magazine. Whether you're on your smartphone, laptop, or iPad, there's an unbelievable amount of inspiring media happening right now. I'm constantly on Tumblr, a never-ending mood board — blogs and real girls inspire the masses, as do different styling perspectives and commentary from all over the world. I use Twitter for news, music, and fashion, and Instagram is one of my new favorite forms of social media, not to mention that it's great for our environment! So, I styled a futuristic jumpsuit with my Nine West wedge sneakers in support of technology and ongoing creativity in new media."

    LANA in black, available at Nine West.

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  • Meghan Donovan, Wit & Whimsy
    Taking Down The Tablet

    "Media plays a massive role in my life. I work as a public relations professional, so it’s a huge part of my job, but social and new media play big parts in my blogging and personal life, too. I smashed an iPad this go around since it’s a means of reading and catching up on blogs or posting on the go. I paired the sneakers with a feminine skirt and a more menswear-looking top, half by means of a simple tee and chambray button-down. "

    Sonni in Bronze, available at Nine West.

    Instagram Filters: Valencia, Rise, Amaro