11 Snaps From Chicago's Coolest Coffee Shops

We're a city of freelancers, Internet-folk, and independent hustlers. We love us a good coffee shop, and there's no better place to get your grind on (no pun intended) than your favorite neighborhood hangout. These gems are good for lots of reasons—meet-ups, caffeine boosts, safe places to connect with online dates—the list goes on. We couldn't resist the chance to show off Chicago's coolest coffee slingers, and get your feedback on your secret faves, too. Let's face it, the hours you clock at your local java haunts have you bordering on groupie status. Whoops, did we just out you? Never fear, because we're right there with you, settling in for the long haul. Sneak a peek at the local flavors we snagged along with our morning buzz.
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Asado Coffee Co.
Famous $3 cold brews and friendly, chat-you-up-on-a-weekday staff members give Asado Coffee Co. its good name. We know we're not alone when we say that their sips are so good, you can enjoy them sans cream and sugar, but we'll let you taste-drive this place all on your own.

Asado Coffee Co., 1432 West Irving Park Road (between Southport & Janssen avenues); 773-661-6530.
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A look at where the magic literally happes as Asado Coffe Co. in Lakeview.
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The second coming of Filter was met with throngs of freelancers, coffee lovers, and hanger-outers of all kinds. We were thrilled to hear that Filter was returning to Wicker Park, and since the reopening, it's like it never left. Our favorite reason for stopping by (other than our daily buzz, of course), is all the local artwork you can scope out on Filter's walls.

Filter, 1373 North Milwaukee Avenue; 773-904-7819.
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We'll admit, there are days we wanted to sneak out of Filter with a vintage sofa or two. Please, like you never thought about it?
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New Wave Coffee
Those in true need of a caffeine buzz can find it in New Wave Coffee's bottomless cup of coffee. Your work deadline or thesis will be no match for the comfort of this Logan Square haven.

New Wave Coffee, 3103 West Logan Boulevard (near the intersection of Logan Boulevard and Milwaukee Avenue); 773-489-0646.
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Yummy, sugary temptresses at New Wave.
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Noble Tree Coffee & Tea
Noble Tree is Chicago's cure for the common coffee shop. If you need to work/relax/refuel at a place that feels like home but, well...isn't, Noble Tree is the place. At three floors tall, there's room for you and everything you need to do today.

Noble Tree Coffee & Tea, 2444 North Clark Street (at Arlington Place); 773-248-1500.
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Cozy nooks and crannies add to Noble Tree's charm. They go very nicely with a toasted bagel and iced coffee, too!
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Three floors of Noble Tree coolness await you.
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The Wormhole
Any coffee shop with a life-sized Delorean replica makes this list–period. This Milwaukee Avenue mainstay could have stopped collecting cool point there, but just to ice the cake, it decided to offer free video games, too. A rainy day must, you can find us here for a long, long time.

The Wormhole, 1462 North Milwaukee Avenue (between Evergreen Avenue & Honore Street); 773-661-2468.
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May we challenge you to a game of Dr. Mario?