Smeared Make-Up: Not Just For The Morning After Anymore

John over at FashionCopious noticed an, um, interesting trend as of late: Smeared make-up in editorials. Of course, this isn't the first time that one will find smeared lipstick and eyeliner on a lady: Just check out your fellow passerby on the sidewalks of an early Saturday morning! Okay, okay, so model Pamela Bernier, photographed by Richard Burbridge, sports some seriously outrageous lipstick-on-the-face and plum color-round-the-eye-area in the summer issue of 10 magazine, even more so than that V mag editorial featuring Iris Strubegger in black eye make-up masquerading as bruises. Does this mean the walk of shame is no longer something to do with your head drooped? Suddenly the morning after isn't looking so bad.... (FashionCopious)