12 Incredible Kickstarter Projects Your Apartment Needed Yesterday

Photo: Courtesy LiliLite.
Do you ever get the feeling that your apartment is missing a little special something? Perhaps a special something that's so inventive, it hasn't yet come into existence? We know the feeling. To get a jumpstart on discovering the next great idea, we sought out the most compelling projects gaining momentum on everyone's favorite crowdfunding site, from unique storage solutions to ingenious lighting ideas. (Sadly, we had to cut a few staff favorites that were arguably useless.)

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Photo: Courtesy David Blauvelt.
Modular shelving that fits nearly anywhere.
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Photo: Courtesy Plant-O.
A tiny planter that enables a plant to care for itself.
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Photo: Courtesy Baselamp.
A light that can turn pretty much anything into a lamp (e.g., all of those Maker's Mark bottles lining the tops of your kitchen cabinets).
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Photo: Courtesy Ivan Kotzig.
A clip-on light bulb shade that can double as an aromatherapy tool.
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Photo: Courtesy Camplamp.
A powder-coated steel lamp that looks like a tiny tent.
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Photo: Courtesy Jarre.
An eco-friendly, electricity-free storage system for fruits and vegetables.
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Photo: Courtesy U-Cube Designs LLC.
An ice tray that guarantees bar-quality drinks.
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Photo: Courtesy Jasper Jansen.
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Photo: Courtesy LiliLite.
A reading light that doubles as a shelf and a bookmark.
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Photo: Courtesy Wax Stacks.
Easy-to-assemble LP record crates (no hardware required!).
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Photo: Courtesy Erol.
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Photo: Courtesy Drawn.
Furniture that literally makes itself.