Our Valentine's Day Gift To You: A Bucket Full Of Sloths


Valentine's Day getting you down? Dissatisfied with your love life? Feeling irritated by a mass-marketed Hallmark holiday meant to make you eat chocolate and spend money? Well, Refinery29 has got your back. Because, as we all know, this "holiday" is really, truly about...a bucket of sloths.

"The old sloth-bucket trick," you say. Yes, we all know how we like to rely on single encounters with Bradypodidae for the occasional cheer up, but this particular video is just filled with sloths. So many of them. Sloths on sloths, rolling sloths, licking sloths, yawning sloths.

But, how can this much cuteness be contained? you might be thinking. Well, we'll tell you: in a bucket.

BUCKET OF SLOTHS from Lucy Cooke on Vimeo.

P.S., If you love this sloth-bucket (and of course you do), you should check out creator Lucy Cooke's new book, out March 5.

Photo: Courtesy of Vimeo