Six Musical Muses With New Albums and Chart-topping Looks

They got us with their voices. But dang, if these six style-setting songbirds don't look impossibly good whilst wielding a microphone. Dressed in feathered headbands and fur overlays, glitter, gold and pretty much whatever else they please; their aesthetics (like their vocals) are fiercely individual. But whether fetchingly ethereal, hard-edged, or David Bowie glam, they certainly know how to rock it. So how to impart a bit of Karen O's riot girl ethos or Annie Clark's captivating otherworldliness? To help you strike a fashion chord (and be the best dressed on this summer's festival circuit), we've distilled the stylistic essence of these musical muses down to a few key pieces. Totally worth idolizing.
1. Annie Clark, St. Vincent
The New Album: Actor
The Look: Beyond being one of our favorites at South by Southwest, Annie Clark also gets our applause for her almost Parisian knack for making easy basics, like blousy dresses and flats look effortlessly chic. Known for choosing neutral hues that compliment her porcelain skin, dark tendrils, and carved features her look is ethereal yet made for everyday.
The Goods:
Above, clockwise from left: Wouters & Hendrix Multi-strand Charm Necklace, $290, available at La Garçonne; Topshop Linen Trilby, $40, available at Topshop; Duwop Iced Teas Lip Treatment, $19, available at Sephora; Topshop Kali Tassle Loafers, $100, available at Topshop; Mayle Senna Jacket, $297.50, available at La Garçonne.
Above portraits, from left: Photo via Guest of a Guest; Photo via The New York Times.
2. Shingai Shoniwa, Noisettes
The New Album: Wild Young Hearts
The Look: We dare you to watch Shingai Shoniwa stomp around on stage like an Amazonian warrior and not be inspired. For one she's got looks to rival Grace Jones. And then there's her fearless use of flamboyant prints, face paint, and austere hairstyles befitting a New Wave Nefertiti. Count us among the totally mesmerized.
The Goods:
Above, clockwise from bottom left: American Apparel Foil Print Minidress, $48, available at American Apparel; Opening Ceremony Silk Cocktail Headpiece, $255, available Opening Ceremony; Giles & Brother Irular Collar Necklace, $540, available at Shop Bop; Rojas Floral Print Bustier, $68, available at New High Mart; Topshop Leather Tab Leopard-Print Belt, $50, available at Topshop.
Above portraits, from left: Photo via Fashion Mantra; Photo by Kathryn Yu

3. Natasha Kahn, Bat for Lashes
The New Album: Two Suns
The Look: Like the darkly ethereal songs that echo from her new album, "Two Suns" Kahn's mystical style is a completely captivating blend of influences. The unicorn-loving songbird has a penchant for feathers, braids, fur and all things that sparkle. And for sure, no one's looked as good in a caftan since Stevie Nicks.
The Goods:
Above, clockwise from left: Vena Cava Anemope Leggings, $910, available at Opening Ceremony; Kenneth Jay Lane Stone-Embellished Feather Necklace, $205, available at Net-A-Porter; Kettle Black Triple-Wrap Bracelet, $95, available Shop Bop; Ostwald Helgason Print Leggings, $205, available at Opening Ceremony; Topshop Drape Fringe Skirt, $65, available at Topshop.
Above portraits, from left: Photo by David Sherry via Press Here Publicity.
4. Busy Gagnes and Melissa Livaudais, Telepathe
The New Album: DanceMother
The Look: Coming together like an art-school student's wet dream, Busy Gagnes and Melissa Livaudais of Telepathe make cool music to dance to. These budding electro-savants have got a wealth of New York City style and an androgynous John Hughes flavor to their look that goes pretty well over the synth-heavy beats and séance channeling vocals on their on their sophomore LP, "DanceMother."
The Goods:
Above, clockwise from left: Something Else Magical Crystal Tank, $92, available at Oak; Rogan Guillotine V-Neck, $67, available at La Garçonne; Alex & Chloe Tribal Triangle Necklace, $48, available at Alex & Chloe; Alexander Wang Nylon Blend Coat, $785, available at Opening Ceremony; Topshop Neon '80s Flat-Top Sunglasses, $30, available at Topshop.
Above portraits, from left: Photo by Andres Lazlo Konrath via My Space; photo via My Space.
5. Erika Foster, Annie Heart, and Heather D'Angelo, Au Revoir Simone
The New Album: Still Night, Still Light
The Look: Aside from their lush vocals, the trio of Brooklyn beauties who make up Au Revoir Simone have a playful style that's made for sunny days in the city. Adept at mixing designer pieces with vintage finds, the keyboard queens favor chic-but cheeky clothing like floral smock dresses, retro platforms and sweet skirts, that reflect the sweet, fluttering sound of their Casio tinted songs.
The Goods:
Above, clockwise from bottom left: A.P.C. Wooden Heel Sandals, $240, available at A.P.C.; Pins and Needles Sailor Shorts, $68, available at Urban Outfitters; Antik Batik Olene Djellbah, $343, available at La Garçonne ; Vintage Brass Rose Earrings, $15, available at Steven Alan; A.P.C. Pencil Skirt, $200, available at La Garçonne.
Above portrait: Photo by Sarah Wilmer via Press Here Publicity.
6. Karen O, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The New Album: It's Blitz!
The Look: Synthesizers, dreamy effects, disco beats. With her latest ("It's Blitz"), Karen O has gotten a little less punk but fear not, there's still plenty of Bowery in her look. With her lollypop-brights and hint of '80s glam, she leans towards Joan Jett with Blondie's kittenish appeal and the requisite dash of Bowie.
The Goods:
Above, from left: Body-Con Zip Skirt, $52, available at Nasty Gal; Acne Painted Leather Jacket, $1,300, available at Opening Ceremony; Preen for Topshop Studded Pencil Skirt, $170, available at Topshop; Yves Saint Laurent Rogue Volupté Lipstick, $34, available at Sephora; Topshop Aztec-Studded Ankle Boots, $160, available at Topshop.

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