5 Chocolate Cake Recipes That Really Are "The Best"

Photo: Courtesy of Cafe Delites.
We've come across dozens and dozens of chocolate cake recipes out there that claim to be the best. Or the most amazing, most perfect — you get the idea. But what really makes a chocolate cake extraordinary? In our minds, these classic desserts should be rich, moist, dense, yet still light and fluffy, and most importantly easy to whip up in just one bowl. So often we find ourselves forking into a finished baking feat that is crumbly, dry, and doesn't taste much like anything. And we're left wondering: "What actually went wrong?"
Well wonder no more — because if bakeries can do it, then so can we! After scouring the web for recipes claiming to be the best, we discovered one commonly shared theme: a special ingredient. This star add-in is incorporated into each of the batters for maximum flavor and texture wow. Whether buttermilk, coffee, yogurt, or even mayonnaise, each of these cakes has that secret twist to keep your slices simply irresistible.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cafe Delites.
Best Fudgy Chocolate Cake
Dark, unsweetened cocoa powder gives this cake it's rich and fudgy kick.

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Photo: Courtesy of The Stay At Home Chef.
The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake
The key ingredient here? Buttermilk.

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Photo: Courtesy of Baking A Moment.
Simply Perfect Chocolate Cake
Greek yogurt takes this cake to layers of velvety perfection.

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Photo: Courtesy of My Baking Addiction.
The Best Chocolate Cake
An addition of strong black coffee gives depth to this dark chocolatey recipe.

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Photo: Courtesy of Manila Spoon.
Triple Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake
The name says it all — but you'll have to bake it to believe it.

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