5 Signs You Should Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Declutter. Downsize. Simplify. Words like these have been getting buzz lately, and the message is loud and clear: Get your life together! These days, it seems like excess equals out-of-control.

But what if you just really, really like beauty products? Or just really, really care about your skin? We’re far from ashamed of our lengthy Sunday pampering sessions, and yes, sometimes using three different mascaras feels completely necessary. When it comes to adding a little Zen into our lives, though, we can see why less could be more. Point taken.

Have you fallen victim to too-many-products syndrome, too? Signs point to yes if you're reading this. Taking care of yourself and looking your best is obviously important, but do your habits elicit eye rolls and snarky texts from your squad when you're a half hour late to meet them again? They know all too well that, "The subway was terrible" is code for, "I couldn't put down the flat iron."

Read on for some telltale signs that it might be time to streamline your routine.
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When Your Commute Takes Less Time Than Your Eye Makeup
We get it: That complex smoky eye isn't going to apply itself. But when you could get across the city in the time it takes you to decide whether you're feeling “cool” or “warm” tones for the day, that's a red flag right there.
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When The Korean Skin-Care Routine Has Fewer Steps Than Yours
Women in South Korea are known for taking amazing care of their skin, so it makes sense that we are obsessed with the country’s products and want to try them all! But that doesn't mean we need to try them all at once. Sure, 10-step skin-care routines are the norm for some of these ladies, but it's safe to say that you'll be more than okay with a cleanser, toner, serum and/or moisturizer, plus a mask when you want to treat yo'self.
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When It Takes So Long To Do Your Hair That Being 20 Minutes Late Is The New Being On Time
We know you can’t rush flawless hair, but we're here to tell you — if you haven't already heard — that the perfectly manicured blowout is no longer what it used to be. The lived-in look, or what we like to call artfully disheveled hair, is in. Trust us, you'll still look fantastic — and your crew will be so happy to see you before everyone has already ordered apps.

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When You Keep Finding Forgotten Lipsticks At The Bottom Of Your Purse
First of all, you may need to get a smaller purse. But seriously, if your accessories are where your forgotten lipsticks go to die (RIP, Clinique Black Honey), it’s time to toss those lippies sooner — and, while you’re at it, nix any others you never wear.
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When Your Vanity Looks Like The Messiest Aisle At Sephora
A fine layer of loose powder covers the surface. Lipsticks and eyeliners are all over the place. Fragrance bottles are upturned. And every time you go to look for something, you back down after two minutes. Clearly, something isn't working here — we recommend two things to get your life back: tossing the old stuff and setting up a spot for your everyday products.
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