Luxe Indie Love: 12 Rad Silk Scarves We're Craving

If you think Hermès has the silk-scarf market cornered, think again. We’ve noticed an exciting trend among indie accessory designers: Luxe silk scarves expertly printed with stunning imagery, popping up all over. As expected, these scarves are anything but stuffy — ink-blot lambs are the muse for Richmond, VA-based Emerald Grippa and Ayako Kanari’s offerings include a strikingly rendered, zoomed-in precious stone.
While these scarves aren’t exactly cheap, most of them are quite a steal when compared to certain — ahem— other high-end options. As the official start of the year’s hottest season finally hits us, it’s silk we’ll be reaching for to combat the cool of office ACs and alfresco nightcaps. Sure, certain French luxury brands may still be the Holy Grail, but with cool, experimental designs and lots of indie love now gracing the silkiest of squares, we can’t help but rejoice. Here we’ve gathered a solid group of 12 of the coolest silk scarves now available, to keep you luxuriously accessorized, with a distinct indie wink.
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Swash Silk Double Chiffon Scarf, $445, available at Opening Ceremony.
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Emerald Grippa Lamb, Rose And Snake Scarf, $125, available at Need Supply.
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Joanna Jackson Lightning Silk Scarf, $200, available at Ooga Booga.
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Shadowplay NYC Crimson Galaxy Silk Scarf Handkerchief, $45, available at Etsy.
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Weston Opal Printed Silk-Habotai Scarf, $285, available at Net-a-Porter.
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Devastee Scarf Lunettes, $225, available at Founders & Followers.
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Shabd Silk Scarf in Truffle, $110, available at Mohawk General Store.
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Fieldguided Light as a Feather Ice Cave Scarf, $119, available at Bigcartel.
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David Szeto Blurred Cherry Blossom Square Scarf, $385, available at Barneys.
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Forget Me Not Blue Bird with Tassels, $225, available at Koshka.
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Little Red Riding Hood LRRH popnoname #1 Scarf, $109, available at Little Red Riding Hood.
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Ayako Kanari Facets Scarf Pink, $257.52, available at Etsy.

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