Do YOU Drink Too Much?

Peek into the life of a young adult, and it’s easy to see that there’s probably a lot of alcohol around. In addition to after-work happy hours, we like boozy brunches, day drinking, holiday-themed bar crawls, Oscars drinking games, and perhaps a glass of wine or two after a long day. “We’re in a culture that associates drinking with relaxation, reward, and sophistication,” says Ann Dowsett Johnston, journalist and author of Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol.
This isn’t necessarily a bad thing — is there a human that doesn’t like margs with pals? — but, all those drinking occasions can mean boozy beverages are adding up fast, and it’s possible you’re losing count of all the alcohol that’s consumed on a weekly basis (more on safe limits later). Most experts agree that moderation is key and cutting back on the booze doesn’t mean succumbing to a fun-free kind of life. Here’s how to enjoy your favorite fermented beverage safely, with expert tips on how to scale back if you need to.

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