Shop Owner Angela Finney-Hoffman's Lustworthy Chicago Loft

We love Post 27 so much that we've almost moved in. The eclectic mix of vintage and modern furnishings and design sets our hearts aflutter. So, it's no wonder that we tracked down the store's owner, Angela Finney-Hoffman, for a chat about her style, both in her store and in her inspiring loft. Check out Angela's choice quotes paired with Heather Talbert's gorgeous photos of the boutique owner's home. If you've been meaning to give your space a facelift for spring, we think this is the perfect place to start.
 design vintage home post 27 angela finney hoffman chicago styleDomus books, vintage postcards, and fabric remnants.
We love Post 27. Tell us what's going on in the store these days.
"I'm very excited about the addition of fashion to the store... I met Evelyn Daitchman (of Axis of Evelyn) after an inspiring trip to Europe. Her vintage is the perfect fit for the store." [Evelyn also styled Angela for this gorgeous shoot.] "Mixing clothing into a furnishings shop just makes sense. Good design is needed in all objects that surround our lives. We also recently launched our blog, Outpost, and we're very proud of it."
 design vintage home post 27 angela finney hoffman chicago styleSkirt and Blouse by local designer Annie Novotny of Frei Designs. Vintage Ram Belt buckle from a flea market. Antique turkish rug, and sofa by John Hutton for Holly Hunt. Q pillows by shapes and colors, sold at Post 27
If you can narrow it down, who has influenced your style?
"The first was my grandmother, she lived in an amazing house with a blend of '50s lighting and formica mixed with traditional built-in China cabinets. I could sketch almost every detail of her home from memory. Also, Sophie Lachaert is one of my biggest inspirations, she has the most amazing taste."
 design vintage home post 27 angela finney hoffman chicago styleVintage blue fox tail clip by Meghan Lorenz, a photo of Angela's grandmother fishing, cork collection, fossilized rock print from the original cabinet of natural curiosities.
What three items from your wardrobe do you wear most often? "My Jim Barnier boots for sure, they make me smile every time I put them on. I bought a vintage trench coat from Evelyn's collection, people say I look like a private eye when I wear it. Also belts. My grandmother had an entire closet for them. They are the perfect accessory, there are so many ways to wear them."
Vintage jacket from the Axis of Evelyn collection, earrings by Janet Ecklebarger, and Jack, Angela's rescue dog. Angela's antique brush collection.
Angela's vintage 1967 Honda CL 160.
Thank you for showing us around your home, we literally love what you've done with the place! Where do you find inspiration?
"Everywhere really. I draw inspiration from the most unexpected places: collections of vintage brushes, piano player rolls, etc. Also more expected places like design magazines. Traveling is my ultimate goal. I'd love to take more inspirational trips. I've also started a monthly gathering and named it Inspiration Hour. Local furniture designers, artists, and graphic designers share ideas and visual inspirations. It's called open sourcing."
1920's silk blouse from the Axis of Evelyn collection, vintage frames. Christian Liaigre chaise lounge from Holly Hunt, vintage green vinyl chair purchased as inspiration for a future line of upholstery at Post 27.
If you could describe your personal style in three words, what would they be?
"Yikes! Classic, vintage, and modern. This is a hard one."
What do we need to know about buying vintage furniture? We need advice from a pro.
"What you're buying doesn't need to have a big designer name on it. There are so many vintage pieces that have great proportion and shape. Mix styles, keeping textures and details in mind. Your personal style should tell a story. Don't rush into buying everything all at once. Shop local, and mix new and vintage together."
We're get really inspired by music. What's playing in your house (or store) right now?
"I love a lot of music, currently I'm listening to Lou Reed, Mr. Scruff, and Mozart."
 design vintage home post 27 angela finney hoffman chicago style
What do you love about living in Chicago?
"Chicago gets the kybosh a lot, but it's truly an amazing city. There is so much potential in the design world, Chicagoans are always looking for fresh and new experiences. We have so many people making and designing amazing things. Because of all this, there is a sense of community with younger designers. Open sourcing, sharing, and openly being inspired by others helps us all grow. Snobbery is no longer flattering."

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