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10 Rubber-Sole Shoes That'll Prevent A Wintry-Mix Wipeout

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    What with the torrents of rain, sleet, slush, and snow that've been pummeling us here in New York all winter long, we've learned a few important lessons. For instance, no, you shouldn't wear your brand-new suede booties during an ice storm. Because, yes, you will destroy them. Same goes for any shoes without traction post storm. They're just plain impractical for weather scenarios like these. Not to mention the aftermath of ice that we've got to trek through for days later. What a slippery mess! So, you best break out the rubber soles this week, as we brace for yet another front with the elements. And, this time we're in it to win it.

    Meet your post-wintry-mix footwear saviors: ten shoes that'll get you from point A to point B without fear of an epic (read: embarrassing) wipeout — their product descriptions essentially guarantee it. After all, you'll have plenty of fair-weather days to don your prettiest pastel pumps. Today just isn't one of them. Safety should always be your first priority! No slips, no falls, and certainly no injuries — sounds like victory, well, sort of.

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