Celeb Home Tour! Shenae Grimes Invites Us Into Her West Hollywood Pad

Shenae Grimes is a study in contrasts: Though she’s one of the industry’s most in-demand young talents, playing the titular role of Annie in the 90210 reboot, she’s also completely unaffected by the trappings of the biz. Her laid-back style is totally emblematic of the West Coast and she’s the poster child for the "wearing what you love will always be the best dressing strategy" school of thought. Of course, this effortless ethos doesn’t just apply to the endless racks of clothing in her walk-in closet—yes, we’re wildly jealous, too—but also extends to the interiors of her Hancock Park home. It's filled with trinkets she’s collected from vacations and photos she’s taken of friends and strangers—she’s a gifted lenswoman whose portraits will take your breath away. Shenae is the perfect antidote to those young, over-produced, saccharine starlets with careers destined to have an early expiration date. On the contrary, she seems to be making her own way with her on-screen successes and insouciant style, and we’ll be sitting front row to see her well-dressed ascent to the Hollywood A-list.
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Shenae wears a vintage T-shirt, belt, and slip and Dolce Vita shoes.

Where were you born?

Where do you live now?
“Los Angeles”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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Shenae wears a top from The Reformation.

We're into your beauty look, what are your top 3 secrets for easy and gorgeous makeup?
“Tinted moisturizer is light enough for every day wear, but still gives some coverage and a nice glow. YSL Touche Eclat is amazing to keep in your purse to brighten you up throughout the day, and a little mascara to make your eyes pop should have you set for any errand or occasion.”

Describe your style in five words or less:
“Eclectic. Boho-meets-tomboy-meets-rocker.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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If your style had a theme song, what would it be?
Crazy by Aerosmith. The music video with Liv [Tyler] and Alicia [Silverstone] has always been a fantasy of mine and Steven Tyler is one of my major style icons.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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Shenae wears an Alexa Chung for Madewell dress and Miu Miu shoes while holding her favorite 3.1 Phillip Lim sequined jacket.

What are the five key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
“My Helmut Lang leather pants, either pair of my Isabel Marant suede booties, Sam Edelman Zoe booties for nighttime with any outfit, my Pamela Love arrowhead ring, and any vintage band tee I wore to bed the night before.”

What's on your fall/winter/holiday wish list accessories-wise?
“Fur, fur, and more fur. I always try to stick with faux but I'm Canadian, man, we've got a lot of great vintage fur up there!”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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Shenae's Miu Miu jewel-encrusted heels in the walk-in closet.

Who's your older woman style icon?
“Diane Keaton meets Carine Roitfeld if you can imagine that—and though I'm speaking past tense now, Jane Birkin circa her relationship with Serge Gainsbourg is definitely a necessary mention.”
Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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The mantle at Shenae's Hancock Park abode.

What's your most treasured item in your closet?
“I think my Helmut Lang leather pants or my Helmut Lang biased cut blazer—they know how to make clothes, man, and I couldn't imagine my closet without them.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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A vintage Pierre Cardin sweater is perfectly on-trend for fall.

How do you use clothing to help you get into character?
“Well, to sum it up, Annie, my character, wears a hell of a lot of pink. She's much more feminine and preppy in her attire, so when you're literally stepping into someone else's shoes, you immediately carry yourself differently than you would in your own life. When I was playing a homeless teen in Sugar, I walked and talked differently and before I even realized it, I found her somewhere inside myself and the clothing helped bring her out.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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Shenae wears Pierre Cardin while admiring her Dream Catcher collection.

What are you excited to wear this fall and winter?
“Layers! Bring on the Navajo-inspired sweaters, big cozy jackets, and toques! I feel in my element when I'm dressed for cooler seasons.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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Opening Ceremony's cork wedges.

What's your best cheap score of late?
“Vintage Playboy sunglasses from a consignment shop in Toronto.”

You're definitely an expert shopper. What are some tricks of the trade you could give to our readers?
“Know your body and what trends work to flatter it and which ones don't. Create shape and definition with structure and flattering fabrics where your natural curves may not naturally exist. Fashion and glamour are all an illusion, and at the end of the day what matters most is the confidence you wear it with—so, own it!”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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Shenae wears a vintage hat, necklace, and Gypsey dress.

Is there anything you would never be caught wearing?

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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Tell us about interning at a fashion magazine...what did you learn about dressing from the pros?
“I learned so much about what goes in to creating a successful monthly magazine while working at Teen Vogue and all the different aspects of its production blew my mind! As far as dressing in my own life goes, I will say I had to learn not to be so afraid of color while I was there. My go-to outfit typically consists of mostly black, but the girls were always dressed so adorably with all sorts of pops of color and I wanted to look the part—opting to step out of my comfort zone and explore the rainbow a little bit.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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Shenae wears a Silence + Noise top, Urban Outfitters pants, vintage necklace.

We love your vintage pieces, are there any secrets to wearing or shopping for vintage that you can share?
“I stick to accessories and jackets typically because pants and dress sizing can be hard when vintage shopping unless you have the perfect shape for them–I don't, unfortunately. I like the mix-and-match of creating looks from both old and new pieces, too, so accessories are a great way to do it while shopping for clothing that hits you in all the right place and fits just right.”

Who are your style heroes?
“Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Steven Tyler, Lenny Kravitz, Jim Morrison, and Morticia Adams”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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Rows and rows of crush-worthy shoes.

Do you have any treasured items in your closet...can you tell us what they are and any stories about them?
“My silver sparkle spike-studded Louboutin loafers are definitely a favorite of mine because I've never taken to sneakers or ballet flats and they’re a good comfy-but-funky alternative from a boot or spectator. I’ve just added the new season's steel-toe version to my wardrobe as an early birthday present for myself, too! Very excited about the new addition. As far as a favorite piece with sentimental value, I'd definitely say my grandma's off-white lace bodysuit from the 1930s. It's stunning with anything high-waisted and means a lot as it's one of the few pieces that's ever been passed down to me. I hope to make it a tradition and pass it down myself one day.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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On the balcony, soaking up the sun.

What's your advice for girls who want a career like yours?
“Never let anyone tell you that you can't do it your way. There are formulas that work in this industry and people will push those on you but trust your instincts and don't be afraid of creating your own path, it will always steer you right.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

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In the courtyard, Shenae wears her favorite Alice + Olivia Polka dot shoes.

What do you love most about living in L.A.?
“Waking up in sunshine every day. Time sure flies when it's Groundhog day and every morning looks the same but you feel motivated to get up and do something when the sun is beaming through your window.”

Photographed by Mike Rosenthal.