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Are You Up On This Instagram Trend?

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    In case you didn't know, decor people are every bit the style trailblazers that our fashion counterparts are. We can spy — and document — good design, too! And, perhaps even more importantly, we are just as keen to mix patterns, or swoon over a clean silhouette, and then blast it out to the world.

    Sometimes we feel like we're getting the "stop trying to make fetch happen" treatment. But, that's all about to change. Enter, the shelfie, the design world's answer to those shareable self portraits. A brilliant way to show off your refined eye for randomness and flaunt your enviable tchotchke collection, it's the ultimate in interiors braggadocio artful decor porn.

    And, since this very real phenomenon is very much happening, you might as well get into it by stepping up your composition game, optimizing for insane amounts of likes, and learning how to organize like a props stylist. Just remember: This is not merely a meme, it is a lifestyle.

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