Red Hot! 15 Dresses That You'll Feel Sexy Wearing

Before you roll your eyes at us for even suggesting you wear red on Valentine's Day, just think about it. There's a reason why the color is so prevalent on February 14 — it's eye-catching, hot, and can quite literally stop traffic. Why wouldn't you want to sit across the table from your other half in such a high-impact hue? Since everyone else will likely be angling to avoid the cliché by sticking to neutrals, you'll stand out even more. Sometimes, what seems like the most obvious choice isn't actually so obvious. 

So, go for it. We've rounded up 15 of the best crimson-colored dresses so you can pinpoint the perfect scarlet style to suit your V-Day plans. Click through to find the match that'll set your date night ablaze. 

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A waistline-creating overlay that's cool and clever.
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Lace sleeves give this traditional silhouette an extra-femme vibe.
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The mock neck adds interest to this swingy shape.
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Massive ruffles and open shoulders are on-trend, and just dramatic enough to kick off an exciting night.
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Imagine this with tights and ankle booties.
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Obviously sexy doesn't have to mean body-con.
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Get the layered look without even trying.
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Nothing cliché about this one.
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A gown gorgeous enough for your fanciest plans.
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Hot. Hot. Hot.
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Zebra doesn't have to be so black-and-white.
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If you're just going to your local neighborhood bar, throw on an easy shirtdress and you'll still stun.
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Simply irresistible.
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The date-worthy way to do sporty.
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Picture this with pretty silver jewelry and a classic black stiletto.