14 Beauty Lessons We Learned From Sex And The City

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Designer labels, crazy outfits, and, well, Manolos: That's what Sex and the City is known for. Beauty doesn't typically pop into your head unless you're thinking Carrie's Botticelli-esque mane. The ladies may have chatted about everything from funky spunk to shoe fetishes, but makeup was not an oft-discussed topic.

However, there are some serious hair and makeup lessons to be learned from our favorite single Manhattanites (and Brooklynites: #NeverForget Miranda, the OG Park Slope mommy). You may not have caught it on the first go-around, but lucky for you, I've never turned down a reason to epically binge-watch revisit the show. And, since SJP's birthday is today, I think there's no better time to dig up the series' clutch beauty moments. Ahead, find the sage foursome's diamond-in-the-rough pieces of beauty advice.