The Socially Conscious Accessory Line We're Stocking Up On BIG TIME

willow-1 As you may have noticed, we've become quite keen on obsessions here at Refinery29. Our latest love comes from our assistant fashion editor, Willow Lindley. She spends her days cruising the market for the best fashion finds, so we knew her pick was going to be good...we just didn't realize it would be good for so many people.

If you haven't already, meet Sequence, a 2-year-old handmade accessory line designed by Ariela Suster. Marked by signature bright colors and woven knotted designs, each piece is handmade by local artisans in Tepecoyo, a town in Suster's native El Salvador. What's even cooler? Suster offers free English and computer classes to the entire local community, providing positive alternatives to prevalent gang involvement and street violence.

Are you drinking the Sequence Kool-Aid yet? We are. In fact, we got so excited, we put together an 18-piece boutique of Sequence accessories whose standout style is just as swoon-worthy as its cause. We admit, we're suckers for the knotted, braided bracelets. As Willow says, they're "great alone...and even better stacked!" It's arm-party time!

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Photographed by Sarah Balch

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