See Coco Chanel Call Heidi Mount a Drag Queen in Karl's (Unintentionally) Hilarious Short Film


Happy Friday! To reward you for your long week of toil, we'd like to present the Karl Lagerfeld-directed short film, "Paris-Shanghai," that debuted at yesterday's Chanel pre-fall collection. We're sure the Kaiser didn't expect to turn out a 22-minute roll of hilarity involving glued-on Fu Manchus and questionably racist lines like "Chinese men are so much more fascinating. They've taught me so many tricks" (yes, really!), but alas, that's what we're left with. Click through if you're in the mood for some horrifyingly bad acting, Coco in a slew of accents including a Lithuanian lilt and a Brooklyn drawl, a prosecco-induced dream involving a Chinese Freja Beja Erichsen and Baptiste Giabiconi in proletariat garb, and seeing Edita Vilkeviciute call Heidi Mount a drag queen. Thanks Karl! (Fashionologie)