Sebastian Professional's Celeb Stylist Thomas Dunkin Gives Us A Fall Hair Refresher

We don't trust our hair with just anybody. Only the perfect pair of hands gets to touch these locks. And Thomas Dunkin happens to be one of those trusty professionals. His reputation precedes him, thanks to both word of mouth and a glossy roster of celebrity clients. Having gotten his start in the business at the age of 13, Dunkin has a long list of happy hairdos behind him (major standouts: Carey Mulligan and Coca Rocha), and he's certainly no fool when it comes to the follicle. As a member of the prestigious Sebastian Stylist Team, London-born Dunkin is known for his ability to style outside the box. Since fall is all about transitioning and changing things up, we went directly to him for a fresh perspective on our 'do, the bad habits we need to break, and the secrets to healthy, super-hot hair.
Name the three hair products you could never live without.
"I can't do without Sebastian Professional Potion 9, Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray, and Thickefy Foam. These are must-haves in my kit."
What's the one current hair trend you wish would disappear?
"There's not one. Even the bad ones have their place, if for nothing other than fun conversation."
What's the biggest hair crime that most people commit? (i.e.: over-heating, keratin treatments, etc.) And how can you fix it? "The biggest hair crime most people commit is getting the same haircut all their lives without realizing that their faces, complexion, bodies, and personalities change. It's frustrating that people don't experiment and be a little adventurous. It really doesn't need to be anything drastic, just move it on a little each haircut."
Tell us about the worst haircut you ever got or worst style you ever rocked?
"Worst haircut I ever had was my long permed, bleached Axl Rose-inspired look. I looked at myself one day and realized I looked like a lunatic. Good memories of a bad bad haircut. Those pictures won't be shown anytime soon."
What do you think your clients would say about you?
"Lots of very nice things I hope."
Fall is a major season to switch up hair. What do you find is being most requested, and what's your favorite new look?
"Most requested look at the moment is people asking for heavy fringes. Fall means people don't have the concern of the humidity ruining their fringes if they have curly hair. I love fringes, as long as they are adapted to the person’s face shape and hair type. My favorite new look is the style the model Freja Beha rocks her hair. It's a funky reinterpretation on a Joan Jett/Patti Smith classic mixed with a pinky twist. It still manages to look extremely sexy and feminine."
Hair is something so unique to each person, but what are some universal truths we need to know when it comes to hair care?
"Getting your hair trimmed regularly is very important. It's not a good look on any hairstyle when the hair looks damaged. Also the correct use of products for your hair type is very important. The correct type of shampoo, conditioner, and treatment is very important in having great hair. When you think about what hair goes through with the use of hot tools and the elements torturing it, cutting and correct product use is clearly very important."
Who do you trust to cut/style your own hair?
"I have a short shaved haircut. I go to a barber on my street every week. He's been doing it for over six years now."
You got your start doing hair pretty young, what you do think was the advantage, or disadvantage, of that?
"The advantage of starting hairdressing so young meant that by the time other people my age were starting hairdressing, I already had three years experience. I don't think there were any disadvantages."
If you weren't styling hair what would you be doing?
"If I were not a hairstylist, I would have loved to have been a landscape gardener. I would have really enjoyed designing huge pieces of land for big stately homes. When you stand at a distance and look at a large piece of landscaped land with all the different colors and textures, it's quite mesmerizing."
What is unique about NY women and their hair?
"When I first started coming to New York City, I remember noticing how well groomed the women’s hair was. Women are very conscious of the appearance of their hair and are willing to put the effort in to make it look good."
Visit the Sebastian Infinite Possibilities website to learn more about Thomas and the rest of the Sebastian Stylist Team.

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