Insta-Stalking: The Scrunchies Of Instagram

Regardless of your feelings about scrunchies (of which you have plenty, we're sure), we can all agree on one thing: That there's an Instagram account devoted to scrunchies is hilar. And, it's not just about plain old scrunchies — this account features scrunchies through time. Yes, Scrunchies Of Instagram focuses on the cultural moments that this ubiquitous hair accessory has been part of (and there have been many), as well as contemporary interpretations.
Our favorite part of this Insta account, though, is that the scrunchie is treated as a character. It's like a fan account of a celebrity, and that celebrity happens to be a circular hair elastic covered in fabric. Click through to see some highlights from scrunchie's adventures.
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Scrunchies make your baby hairs look even better.
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Kathleen Hanna forever. Also, scrunchies matching Disney princess hair on T-shirts forever.
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Which came first: the scrunchie or everything in this pic that matches it?
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Even Miley loves a good scrunch.
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Pretty sure that scrunchie matches those pants exactly.
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Blurring the line between scrunchie and large hat.
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A scrunchie ties together our favorite out-there beauty trends of the moment.
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Poolside scrunchin'.
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These scrunchies don't want to go back to school.
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This is how rock stars scrunch.
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Scrunchie has a secret.
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We really should have done this look for our beach-hair DIY.
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We'll just leave this here for you.
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