Scott Disick Is Selling A Pill To Cure Male Menopause

Reality stars endorse the dumbest stuff. The Situation shills a vodka energy drink, J Woww sells "Black Bronzer," Jessica Simpson's got clip-in hair extensions. We seriously wouldn't be surprised if Snookie annouced she was going to be the international ambassador of the American Association of Pickle Growers. But, Scott Discik, surprise surprise, has sunk to a new-low of cash-for-crappy-product-dom. His latest venture (after a clothing line) is the release of "Amidren by Scott Disick," which we found out about after we got an invite to the launch party tonight (feast your eyes on the graphic, above)—with a red carpet/press opportunity no less! We did a lil' research on "Amidren High-T: Maximum Male Performance," as it was billed in the email, and found out that it's the once daily formula to combat Andropause. If you're not familiar with this syndrome (we weren't), think menopause, but for dudes—in laymen's terms, "limp dick." We're not sure if Disick's dick is whack, or he's trying to tell us he's the epitome of male sexual prowess (checkity-check another picture they sent, below). Either way, color us dis-gusted.

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