Sound Check: The Ultimate S.F.-Inspired Playlist

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 19.]
While it seems like everyone is hitting the highway and heading to Coachella (ding! round two), you don’t need to be en route to the desert to lose yourself in some captivating jams. In fact, a quick glance at the weekend temps tells us it’s going to be a beautiful weekend right here in S.F., so to celebrate our cool, gray city of love (pssh…who needs Indio?), we culled a selection of songs that nod to breezy Bay Area escapades. And, these aren’t just any ol' love songs — we’ve rounded up our favorite tunes that are completely inspired by our hilly, candy-colored town. From Tony Bennett’s nostalgic classic to newer melodies, here's your ultimate 7x7 playlist. Turn it up a notch and get ready to leave your hearts (er, ears) in San Francisco.
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