5 Standout Beauty Products Your Cabinet NEEDS

Northern California's sprawling land and unique climate make it an ideal spot for wine making and farming: It's no secret the region boasts some of the best growing conditions and produce in the world. But, you may not have realized the region is also home to a standout array of beauty brands that focus on Earth-friendly, plant-derived ingredients in their products, too.

From a light summer moisturizer to an exfoliant mask you'll want to live in, we've rounded up five all-star items from Bay Area-based brands that should definitely be on your radar. In case you weren't sure how to ring in Earth Day today, adding these to your shopping cart might be a good place to start.
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Photo: Courtesy of Vintner's Daughter.
Vintner’s Daughter Face Serum
Growing up among Northern California vineyards, winery owner April Gargiulo was so inspired by the quality and thoughtfulness of the winemaking process that she wanted to bring that intention to skin care. She launched Vintner’s Daughter with one standout item: the active botanical serum. The product uses 22 active essential oils and is free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, PEGs, and SLSs. From grape seed and hazelnut to avocado, rose, and lemon peel oils, you can find the list of natural ingredients here.

Vintner’s Daughter Face Serum, $185, available at Vintner’s Daughter.
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Photo: Courtesy of Earth Tu Face.
Earth Tu Face Calendula + Carrot Exfoliating Mask
Started by an herbalist duo, Earth tu Face is easily every natural-product lover’s go-to line. The ingredients are grown in the creators' Northern California garden, and the products are plant-based, with an emphasis on extracts that heal and stimulate the skin. The popular exfoliant powder mask is made of bentonite clay, flower petals, and gluten-free oats. Mix a little bit in a dish, apply and leave on for 10 minutes, and rinse to reveal a clearer and more glowy complexion.

Earth tu Face Exfoliant Mask, $72, available at Earth tu Face.
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Photo: Courtesy of True Botanicals.
True Botanicals Pacific Balancing Face Oil
True Botanicals is lauded for its transparency when it comes to ingredients in everything from perfume to cleansers. The Pacific Face Oil is comprised of omega-3 fatty acids from kiwi and chia seeds, papaya and passion fruit seed oil, and a highly concentrated mix of essential fatty acids. The nourishing blend of plant-derived oils in this product will not only hydrate, but repair dry skin and is ideal for problematic complexions — including those prone to acne and rosacea. If you’re thinking of trying out a face oil, let this be the one.

True Botanicals Pacific Face Oil, $110, available at True Botanicals.
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Photo: Courtesy of Saison.
Saison Summer Moisturizer
One of S.F.'s newer beauty brands, Saison launched a few weeks ago and offers an array of handmade, small-batch products geared toward each season. The summer moisturizer is specifically targeted for the warmer temps (it's super light!), using organic coconut and kukui nut oil, cucumber water, aloe vera water, organic rosehip seed oil, calendula and chamomile water to hydrate your skin without leaving it feeling greasy. If you’re looking to swap out your current moisturizer for a summer-friendly option, we think you found your match.

Saison Summer Moisturizer, $40, available at Saison.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ziesche.
Ziesche 001 Lemongrass, Vetiver & Sage Body Scrub
Sherri Ziesche, founder of cult-favorite S.F. shop Beauty Company, has launched her own namesake set of products, the new body-care line Ziesche. The plant-based line runs the gamut from lotions and washes to exfoliating scrubs, and is free of parabens, dyes, sulfate, mineral oil, and more. The Vetiver and Sage Body Scrub is ideal for ridding your body of winter’s dry skin, and includes ingredients like bamboo, walnut shells, corn and coconut, along with extracts of nettle, meadowsweet, milk thistle, sea algae, and almond protein. And, a little bit goes a really long way — you only need 1 teaspoon on the roughest parts of your body.

Ziesche 001 Lemongrass, Vetiver and Sage Body Scrub, $24.95, available at Ziesche.