Tech's Top Chefs Spill Their Favorite Dishes

While the tech industry is rife with complicated computings, we did find one part of the biz that doesn’t require a background in algorithms: the gourmet grub. Cooked up by tech's top chefs, these recipes are coveted, but we did manage to peek inside the company kitchens and discover some all-time favorite dishes served on campus.
What we discovered may have you submitting a few resumes, just for the food. From sushi tacos (yes, they exist!) to falafel-and-waffle fusions, these seven plates prove that you don’t have to be a software whiz to whip up 21st-century innovation. Get a taste after the jump, and be inspired to take your lunch breaks to new — culinary — heights.
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Name: Trent Page
Gig: Chef de Cuisine at YouTube
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Top On-Campus Dish: Kale Salad with Hazelnuts and Mint

Love at first bite: "This is a superfood salad with lots of great flavors and textures. It makes for a satisfying lunch that won't leave you sleeping at your desk all afternoon. Mmm....roughage!"
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Name: Callie Waldman
Gig: Corporate Chef at BandPage
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Top On-Campus Dish: Sushi Tacos

Love at first bite: “Every Tuesday at BandPage, we do 'Taco Tuesday' for lunch. To keep things interesting for the employees and for myself, I like to play with a variety of flavor profiles and incorporate those creations into some rather nontraditional taco meals. Sushi tacos are one of my favorites, because they're very healthy and full of flavor, and they're also easily scalable for an entire office of hungry employees."
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Name: Matthew DuTrumble
Gig: Executive Chef at Zynga
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Top On-Campus Dish: Reuben Sandwich on rye bread with house-cured corned beef, mustard, sauerkraut, and pickles, with a side of organic field greens and fresh peaches.

Love at first bite: “I love cooking traditional food and making it unique by curing, pickling, and crafting everything in-house. Zynga employees appreciate that our food and drinks are wellness-focused, and it makes me happy that I’m able to offer that to them.”
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Name: Brian Mattingly
Gig: Executive Chef at Dropbox
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Top On-Campus Dish: Sesame-Crusted Ahi Tuna Salad with Miso Dressing

Love at first bite: "If I had to narrow down a favorite dish, it's this. Finding the freshest ingredients and keeping it simple is the key to its success. In this case, we rolled sushi-grade ahi tuna in black and white sesame seeds, then seared the outsides for a few seconds. The salad was tossed in the red miso dressing ‘a la minute’ — at the last minute to prevent the leaves from wilting — with some crunchy wonton strips. Here, you have all the elements of a balanced palate, including umami. This is where you can sit alone, enjoy an amazing salad, and let the world drift by.”
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Name: Aubrey Saltus
Gig: Executive Chef at Thumbtack
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Top On-Campus Dish: Peppered French Lentil and Sausage Soup with Fire-Roasted Tomato and Fried Egg

Love at first bite: "San Francisco is a perfect place for soup. There is always a slight chill in the air, so soup is always a good idea. I love this soup because it is super healthy, but has such a rich, developed, and decadent taste that it makes you feel like you are indulging. I also love that once the soup is made, you can have meals all week within five minutes — not to mention that it can sit in your fridge for a couple days and it just keeps getting better and better!”
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Name: Sam Lippman
Gig: Executive Chef at Airbnb
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Top On-Campus Dish: #Fawaffle

Love at first bite: "I created #Fawaffle here at Airbnb along with Joebot, a member of our product team. It's a fun way to celebrate our creativity and playful spirit. I always make unexpected flavor combinations to compliment the #Fawaffle, which is a surprising mash-up of two foods in a hot and crispy presentation. It evokes an exponentially familiar and emotional response from people who love both waffles and falafel. The #Fawaffle becomes a vessel for other mash-ups, like the bacon-blackberry jam, strawberry sriracha, cilantro whipped cream, spicy peanut butter, or chili paste maple syrup.”
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Name: Christopher Bifano
Gig: Director of Culinary Operations at Yahoo
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Top On-Campus Dish: Cioppino Pasta

Love at first bite: "One of my signature dishes here at Yahoo is my Cioppino. I love this dish, because it gives me the opportunity to use some of the best local seafood this area has to offer, while allowing me to use the flavors of Italy which I grew up with and love. This dish will take you on a culinary journey with every bite."