Want Epic? 8 Hidden S.F. Gems To Max Out Your Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Anna-Alexia Photo.
We live for the weekend. So, this summer, we're sharing the epic destinations that are filling up our 48 hours of uninterrupted freedom in this new series, Urban Tripping. Get inspired, and then show us your own #Epic48 weekend snaps on Instagram.
Nothing beats a warm, sunny day in San Francisco. Sure, you could always hotfoot it to Dolores Park, Bi-Rite snacks in tow, but the city has so many hidden treasures — places you probably haven’t even explored yet.
We scoured the Bay to find eight killer activities that’ll put your ol’ cheese spread to shame. And, to round ‘em up, we teamed up with Secret and its Destinations and Scent Expressions Collections to help you stay fresh and smell sweet when you’re hopping from one place to the next. From a dog park that only admits pugs to a fully stocked vintage party bus, these unknown gems guarantee a kick-ass weekend — and Instagram feed.
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Photo: Courtesy of Exploratorium.
Wave Organ
If you want to really up the quality of your Instagram, this is the place. Walk to the very end of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and you’ll find an acoustic sculpture that’s made of PVC- and cement-based pipes. While the views make it a destination spot — you have a clear shot of the Golden Gate Bridge — the real treat is the music. Since the Organ Wave is sitting atop the San Francisco Bay, the pipes and cement interact with the crashing waves, creating all sorts of hums and acoustic splendor. Pro tip: The sound’s best at high tide (think 5 a.m.), so wake up early, grab a coffee from Dynamo, and take a walk. This is practically an audiophile’s rite of passage.

Wave Organ, 83 Marina Green Drive; 415-397-5673.
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Photo: Courtesy of Michelle Edmunds.
San Francisco Street Food Festival
The art of enjoying food is baked into the culture of San Francisco, and with good reason. You never struggle to find a cult-favorite dish or Michelin-starred restaurant in this city, but sometimes, you want to enjoy a doughnut burger and deep-fried mac 'n' cheese. There's no better place to gorge on it all than the Mission's sixth annual Street Food Fest. On Saturday, August 16, the block party will feature over 80 local vendors serving up their best bites to a crowd expected to hit the 80,000 mark. La Cocina, a nonprofit incubator kitchen that's been hosting the event since day one, warns this year might be the last. So, seize the moment and head on over to Folsom Street. How often can you food-crawl your way from 4505 Meats to El Sur empanadas? Besides, we hear there are vegan burgers made of doughnuts...

San Francisco Street Food Festival, Folsom Street (from 20th to 26th streets); 415-658-9205.
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Photo: Courtesy of Anna-Alexia Photo.
Wanna cruise around wine country, or bar-hop through the city? You can do either on Gillibus — the 1979 yellow school bus is available for any itinerary you can whip up. Inside, you’ll find a killer 1800-watt sound system that will easily hook up to your smartphone’s Spotify and a cozy king-size bed in the back that’s perfect for end-of-day naps or other hanky-panky business. And, if you’re part of the lazy set that wants to board empty-handed, not to worry — Alex, the owner, stocks it with grills, collapsible tables, mason jars, and even outdoor lights. Consider it the yacht of the road.

Gillibus, 202-494-4792.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mikkeller Bar.
Hidden Beer Room at Mikkeller Bar
The Tenderloin’s 80-seat Danish taproom is a pretty cool space on its own, with shipyard steel beams and antique light fixtures oozing Scandinavian charm. But, the reason you want to go is for access to its supremely rad basement sour room, which was designed as a nod to the original Mikkeller location in Denmark. You and up to 36 other people can experience a small collection of lambics and hard-to-find sour beers, all while enjoying the sweet fact that most people don’t even know the room you’re standing in exists.

Mikkeller Bar, 34 Mason Street (between Turk and Eddy streets); 415-984-0279.
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Photo: Courtesy of Urban Putt.
Urban Putt
The Bay's "summer" is fickle, so when there's a smattering of showers, head indoors for a game of putt-putt. Picture what a blast you had mini-golfing as a kid, but with a nice cool buzz going. Yep, there is a bar. This steampunk-inspired, 14-hole adult funhouse is undoubtedly a tight squeeze, so you’ll want to limit your caddy crew to four. After you finish your game and nab the hole-in-one you never knew you wanted so much, reward yourself by heading upstairs to UP @ Urban Putt and ordering the decadent fried-chicken-and-waffles skewers. Beer, games, and waffles — you’ll never minigolf anywhere else again.

Urban Putt, 1096 South Van Ness Avenue (between 21st and 22nd streets); 415-341-1080.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lazy Bear Restaurant.
Lazy Bear Underground Restaurant
What started as a not-quite-legal food pop-up in the Mission is now the hardest seat to get in town, so you’re going to want to plan way ahead. Reservations are casted by lottery, and dinner is served about three weekends of the month. But, it’s absolutely worth the effort. David Barzelay (Commonwealth) is the project mastermind who’s creating a rotating menu, which includes somewhere around seven courses that are never, ever repeated. Until Lazy Bear moves into its new space on 19th Street, it’s BYOB. So, if you do score that table, be sure to have a bottle in tow.

Lazy Bear Restaurant, join mailing list for reservation and location info; 415-662-3373.
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Photo: Getty/o_sa.
Pug Sunday at Alta Plaza Park
What's better than watching countless videos of pugs snuggling with babies? Watching pugs IRL. On a sunny afternoon, head to Alta Plaza Park in Pac Heights, where once a month (first Sundays, to be exact) pugs and small-snout lovers gather. Don’t have one, but want to hang with the loud-breathing bunch? Not a problem. Everyone’s welcome to get their butt-sniff on.

Alta Plaza Park, crossing Jackson and Steiner streets.
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Photo: Courtesy of Yosh Olfactory Sense.
Yosh Olfactory Sense
Imagine being able to identify your perfect scent — something that’s uniquely you and captures every amazing fiber of your being. That’s what you’ll get if you book one-on-one time with Yosh, an olfactory master of the aromatic arts. She’ll tap into your heritage, look into the places you’ve lived (or would like to visit), and perhaps even utilize a bit of her background as a clairvoyant to sniff out your custom fragrance. You’re gonna want to ditch those store-bought perfume bottles STAT.

Yosh Olfactory Sense, 3450 Sacramento Street (between Laurel and Walnut streets); 415-626-5385.
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