What Samantha Jones Taught Us About Being Single

Can women have sex like men? Samantha Jones sure thought so. That was her approach to surviving dating in New York City for over six years as she watched Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda ride the ups and downs of romance in Manhattan. Rather than allowing a relationship to be the driving force behind her life goals, she stayed true to herself, her openness in regards to sexuality (she is, after all, a self-proclaimed "try-sexual"), and her career-minded focus.

And, while her friends — and audiences — might have been taken aback by her candid perspective on sex and relationships, she may have actually been onto something. Think Carrie Bradshaw had all the answers for all the #singleladies in New York? Think again.

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The most important relationship you can have is with yourself.
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It's not you, it's him.
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Don't let anyone — and we mean anyone — get in your way.
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Eat to your heart's content.
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What "guy speak" really means...
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Don't dwell on past mistakes...or relationships.
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Make sure your priorities are in check.
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Always remember, an ex is an ex for a reason.
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The difference between men and women.
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Age is nothing but a number.
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Sad, but possibly true.
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Because, life shouldn't revolve around meeting Mr. Right.
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Don't choose sides. Choose fun.
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Sometimes, monogamy isn't the best policy.
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The facts of life.