11 Decor Picks To Make Over Your Home

If spring's time for cleaning out your home, we're going to go ahead and dub fall the season for enhancing it.
With that in mind, we enlisted Los Angeles-based interior decorator Sally Breer to guide us in finding some perfect decor picks that will add an extra dose of chic to just about any abode. With a Hollywood-friendly client list (she recently decorated Justin Long's digs!), Breer whipped up a perfect range of timeless-meets-eclectic goods. Ahead, 11 pieces you need to take your casa from "meh" to mind-blowing — plus incredible tips!
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Breer's Decor Picks:
"These rope swag lights feel both modern and earthy, because of the versatility in how they can be hung. They are a great addition to any space that needs a hit of light."

Atelier 688 Original Manila Rope Lights, $475, available at Etsy.
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"Falcon's wares feel really nostalgic and fresh at the same time. Enamel tumblers aren't restricted to the kitchen for me — they're perfect on the nightstand in the guest bedroom for your guests to either drop their change and pens from their pocket or to bring into the bathroom to brush their teeth."

Falcon Enamel Mug, $12.54, available at Falcon.
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"Nails are my favorite way to hang and display necklaces. I'm a believer that our personal wares can also be seen as art and these nails are a perfect way to organize the chaos and simultaneously display your collection."

Winsome Brave Equilateral Nails, $28 (for a set of four), available at General Store.
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"This is one of those weird things that I don't really know how to live without, and fear the day when they stop printing them. The detail on these agenda books is so charming and perfect. They have a day at the end of each week that's just for notes, but they're each given a totally whimsical name like 'Ratatouille Day.' Each one is hand pressed and unique in color, too."

Astier de Villatte Agenda, $65, available at Nickey Kehoe.
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"The geometric brass mixed with the rawness of the wood is really something special. Side tables are a necessity to every living room, but good ones are hard to find — these puppies are both exciting and functional."

Lawson Fennings Brass and Mango Wood Side Table, $385, available at Lawson Fennings.
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"This chair makes my little hippie heart sing. The combination of the modern shape in woven wicker and the worn leather is just so effortlessly cool."

Gerard Van Den Berg Leather And Rattan Lounge Chair, $3,450, available at 1stdibs.
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"I'm really into what this brand is putting out into the world. I especially dig their stone trivets. They instantly add a richness to your dining table."

Fort Standard Stone Trivets, $88, available at Fort Standard.
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"Tapestries are making a resurgence these days and I couldn't be happier about it. They add instant texture to a space."

Nightwood Colbalt Tapestry, $148, available at Otherwild.
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"The design, plus the colors, plus the price, make this a stellar addition to any space that needs a little dimension and playfulness."

onefortythree Swinging Wall Lamp, $95, available at onefortythree.
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"Simplictiy and timelessness allows this sconce to work in almost any setting."

Nickey Kehoe Sconce, $475, available at Nickey Kehoe.
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"Tracy Wilkinson's hand-rolled hanging planters are so damn good. I love that they give a fresh modern update to the '70s hanging plant."

TW Workshop Savannah Hanging Planter, $63, available at Store-LA.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sally Breer.
Breer's Decor Tips:
How to style the top of a credenza or bookshelf:
"When styling a credenza or bookshelf, you don't have to limit yourself to the surface. You can build dimension by hanging things on the wall behind the credenza or inside of the back of the bookshelf. A healthy combination of things effortlessly leaning and intentionally hung are what give this credenza some punch."
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Photo: Courtesy of Sally Breer.
How to get creative on a budget:
"Don't let a tight budget force you to settle on generic furniture! In this guest room I didn't have a huge budget, so I took the legs off of a $200 coffee table I found at a flea market and mounted it to the wall as a head board. The actual bed frame is just a simple white frame from IKEA."
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Photo: Courtesy of Sally Breer.
What to do with a small space in your home:
"I never like to see a space go unused in a house. Just because a layout of a room is funky or small doesn't mean it shouldn't get as much, if not more, of your attention. With a little creativity and thoughtful space planning, we turned this long narrow room in my client's basement into this magical speakeasy."