Our Photo Editor Travels To Russia For A Fashion Week To Remember

Milan, Paris, New York, London...but, Moscow? The fledging Russian Fashion Week hosted by Mercedes-Benz might not be as highly trafficked or covered as The Big 4, but if the hoards of street-style mavens, provocative designers, and talented editors coming out of the country are any indication, we're in for a bit of a Russian Rennaisance.
Our senior photo editor, Christy Kurtz, took a trip to Moscow to enjoy a weekend's worth of shows (and all the great sights between 'em!). Like what you see? Head over to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia for videos of the shows, runway pics, and much more.
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Check out Congress Hall, the building where all the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia shows were held. Fun fact: It's located right next to the Kremlin in the heart of Moscow!
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Prepping hair backstage for one of the many shows.
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Black Swan-esque face charts for the Nikolai Kyvyrzhik show.
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Models wait to get their bright-red eyelashes applied.
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Lining up for the final walk at Goga Nikabadze.
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The first show of the season, Slava Zaitsev, started with models camouflaged into the background. Can you see her?
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I loved this polka-dot gown.
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No need to worry about snow and ice with these bad boys.
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So Russian.
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A bunch of shows sent multiple models down the runway at the same time. It made for an awesome photo op!
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In my down time, I walked around Red Square, before getting kicked out by a guard for some unknown reason. Still not quite sure what happened there.
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Playing 'Where's Putin' with the local Matryoshka dolls.
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Pretty sure I accidentally paid $17 for this little caprese salad and a latte. There's a solid chance I'm not too good with math or exchange rates.
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St. Basil's Cathedral is hands down the coolest building I will ever see in person.
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I took a break from the cold weather to defrost a bit in one of Moscow's biggest department stores, GUM.
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I definitely looked like a tourist staring up at this graphic installation in the middle of GUM.
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Back outside for some more awesome architecture in Red Square.
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Even the doorways were decked out in detail.
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Onion-shaped domes on the Kremlin!
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One of my favorite parts of Moscow was its amazing architecture and gold-domed buildings.