Rise Of The Baby Vloggers! Four YouTube Makeup Stars Who Crack Us Up


Guess who's holding court as the latest YouTube beauty sensations? Mini-makeup gurus. Yep, the kiddie crowd has started to nudge the all-stars out of their most-viewed positions with their own virally addictive and seriously adorable take on makeup tutorials. Little Madison has garnered the most buzz, making her the reigning champ, but without a doubt, there's a whole bunch of little makeup-loving tykes who are just as ready to get famous. Cue the imperfectly applied makeup and hilarious soundbites.

Madison's bridal look: "I put it all over my face, even my lips."


Watch the very excited Ella practically eat her lip gloss:

Come for Bella's green "Christmas or Easter Bunny" eye look and stay for the bloopers:

Emma goes nuts with blush. And lipstick. And eyeshadow: