The Best V-Day Gifts For Every Stage Of Your Relationship

Your other half should be easy to shop for. You’re supposed to know that person better than anyone else, right? In reality, though, it’s just easier to buy for people you don’t care that much about (hey there, Starbucks gift card).

Finding a gift for your S.O. doesn’t have to be stressful, though. To prove it, we’ve mapped out perfect gifts for every relationship stage — from the first Tinder date to growing old together. Click through to find your perfect match.


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The Tinder Stage
C'mon, this is the perfect gift — comical, appropriate, and not too personal.
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The Seeing-Each-Other-Once-A-Week Stage
Go over and fix your date's pipes. Enough said.
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The Honeymoon Stage
It's the golden era: that early-relationship stage when you're so obsessed that you want to drop cash to impress your other half. Go for fancy speakers you'd never splurge on for yourself.
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The "We're Exclusive" Stage
It's time. You've made it. Give that special someone a nice wallet that says you're in it for the long haul.
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The Past-The-Three-Year-Mark Stage
Keep your relationship as hot as when you first started dating, with a "surrender kit" that features all the essentials you need for a night in.
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The Just-Moved-In-Together Stage
Sure, it may be a cliché, but a nice home gift is perfect if you just moved in together. Don't just go for something your partner wants, though; buy a piece you also love, so you can both benefit in your now-shared space.
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The We-Got-A-Dog Stage
This is quite possibly the best moment of your lives — you two got a dog together! How sweet. Since the little pup is probably all you'll be talking about for the next few months (or until you loathe it after it eats your shoe), give an appropriate gift: a fancy new collar. Bonus points if you suggest romantic walks together — just you, your boo, and your pup.
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The Newlywed Stage
You just spent all your money on a wedding. How could you possibly splurge on a fancy gift? Chocolate is more than enough — especially if you go for the really good kind.
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The Seven-Year-Itch Stage
Stay in and keep your relationship spicy with a homemade Mexican dish.
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The Parenting Stage
You spend all your energy on your kid(s). But, you can't forget about your co-parent: Suprise your partner with a fancy pair of flats that are also up to snuff for necessary child-chasing.
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The Rocky Stage
Eeek. Sorry to hear it. Relationships are rarely easy, and while gifts are nice, sometimes the best thing you can do is share your feelings in a heartfelt way: Write a serious love letter to turn the beat around. We're rooting for you!

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