9 Product Hacks To Resuscitate Your Beauty Look

In a perfect world, the makeup we put on at 8 a.m., long-wear or otherwise, would be the makeup we take off before bed. Sadly, we do not live in that dream land — we live in a world where it seems like the entire universe is conspiring to sabotage our carefully applied and crafted cosmetics.

None of us wants to have to tote our entire makeup bag with us for midday touch-ups — our purses are already heavy enough. The good news is you don't have to: Whether your aesthetic assassin is sweat, oil, or even too many hours under your office’s fluorescent lights, there are some simple ways to resuscitate your look thanks to the latest makeup defibrillators.

These special items revive a wilting face and are perfectly portable, so you can refresh your face on the go. Next time you need to go from the boardroom to the bar like a Day-to-Night Barbie, you’re gonna want these in your arsenal.

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Urban Decay Resurrection
This unique magic wand allows you to freshen up even the most tarantula-esque mascara application. Mascara Resurrection reboots your eyelashes with a simple swipe, to help build fuller lashes without clumping.

If your rushed morning application of mascara is less than stellar, Mascara Resurrection acts as an eraser to address mishaps.
"Work the wand through your lashes like a liquid lash comb, then apply your favorite mascara," says Urban Decay CEO Wende Zomnir.
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Laneige BB Cushion
Housed in a convenient cushion compact, this liquid tint manages to be both sheer and a skin tone evener, layering over foundation easily and adding a hint of moisture along the way.

It boasts SPF 50+ UV protection, so while you’re revamping your look, you’re also reapplying your SPF, which derms recommend doing daily, even if you’re not spending the day at the beach. This is a no-fuss. no-muss way to do it without ruining your makeup in the process.
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Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
Reapplying powder can actually call more attention to creases and fine lines. These sheets de-slick your T-zone in a flash and are wallet-friendly at under a Lincoln. They also take up approximately zero room in your clutch. Win-win, no?
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Kjaer Weis Cream Blush
In our experience, blush is the first cosmetic to visibly evaporate. This dewy-textured, pigmented cream blush will weigh down your purse (it comes in sleek, but heavy, silver packaging), but it imparts the sheerest, prettiest glow that looks just as good on cheeks as it does on lips. Plus, the diaphanous, lit-from-within wash of color lasts for hours.
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Yves Saint Laurent Touch Éclat Radiant Touch
We tend to need a little more coverage in the undereye area than the Touche Éclat, a brightening concealer pen, provides. But, when applied in strategic sweeps down the bridge of the nose, cheeks, and chin and blended, it revitalizes hours-old makeup flawlessly.

Says Dior celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson, “If you start to look tired after a few hours, or if you go to lunch and eat off your lipstick, apply these pens around the mouth before reapplying your bold lip.” He also recommends using the Touche Éclat to highlight under the browbone.
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NudeStix Moisture Pencil
A panacea for persistently flaky skin, this lipid-rich pencil delivers intense hydration with a sticky texture, making it perfect as a lip primer, spackle for fine lines, or relief for undereye concealer cakiness. Bonus: You can even apply it to Sahara-dry cuticles.
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Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Expert
Brush this shaping gel onto even the most feral brows to look more polished. Another great use for this makeup defibrillator is post-foundation application to remove excess base from the hairs, restoring their power-brow status quickly. Its doe-foot-plus-spoolie-brush applicator concentrates the hair-growth-stimulating treatment more where you need it (at the base of the brows) and less where you don’t (at the tail).
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Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment
This star of a salve’s uses are myriad. From heel softening to resuscitating parched nails after a gel-manicure removal, Aquaphor heals all. Tote these tiny tubes in your purse to soften your pout in the wake of hours-old long-wear, matte lipstick. It doubles as a clear gloss in a pinch as well.
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Rodin Olio Lusso
If you’ve over-applied your foundation or are heading somewhere casual after a formal work event, a few drops of this jasmine-scented oil will sheer out your existing base without forcing you to start from scratch. Simply apply to your palms, rub between your hands, and pat onto skin gently.
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