Cynthia Rowley, Terence Koh, And More Chic Creatives Party To Support Education

On Friday, RE:FORM SCHOOL's private preview bash drew the cream of the creative crop. Hosts Terence Koh, Cynthia Rowley, Bill Powers, Marc Ecko and company kept the energy flowing while 1,000 partygoers, including the likes of Sam Shipley, K T Tunstall, Kate Lanphear, and Chiara Clemente gathered to view an awesome pop up group art exhibition and support charity's public awareness campaign. The initiative strives to drive the arts community to reform the American public education system, which we can all agree is in need of some positive change. Guests navigated the now closed St. Patrick's Cathedral, full of pieces by over 150 artists (which inclues a 69 foot mural by WK Interact!), backed by the music of Emily Wells' live performance. But the party isn't over! The exhibition closes tonight, so if you can get out of work early head on over to the mega-church to get an instant hit of culture—you've got 'til 6 p.m. Check out their website to learn how contribute to the cause, and don't forget to scroll through our slideshow to rock out—albeit vicariously.
St Patrick's Old Cathedral School, 233 Mott Street (at Prince Street).
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Love at first sight. Cynthia Rowley and Terence Koh exchange wistful glances.
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K T Tunstall rocking a totally nebular tunic.
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Conspiracies, skateboards, and Harry Jumonji.
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Kate Foley doesn't need brass-knuckles to look like she's about to throw down.
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Hosts Cythina Rowley, Terence Koh, David Benjamin Sherry, Derrick Gott, and Bill Powers gather to take a group photo. Cute, in a badass kinda way.
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We want to be as cool as Kate Lanphear.
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One of those we-take-a-photo-of-Marc Ecko-while-he-takes-a-photo-of-something-else shots. Fun.
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Are you tripping?