Refinery29 San Francisco Launch Party At Sloane

Last week, San Francisco welcomed Refinery29 with open arms and numerous glasses of champagne (and our signature R29 cocktail) at our insane and truly unforgettable launch party at Sloane. San Francisco’s party people came out dressed to impress and ready for loads of fun, which was provided in plenty courtesy of DJ Sonny Phono, a prop-filled photo-booth, on-the-spot custom poetry scribe Lynn Gentry, and much, much more. Flip through our gallery to peep our favorite party pics and to experience it all over again. Plus, check out our Facebook page for even more gorgeous snaps of this city's coolest locals.
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Acrimony owner Jenny Chung (far right) and her fashionable crew.
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Getting down to the beats of DJ Sonny Phono.
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The Refinery29 crew: Philippe von Borries, Anna Plaks, Piera Gelardi, Christene Barberich, and Alison Koplar.
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Refinery29's Alison Koplar and Peter from SPREADhouse in a compromising position.
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Emily Osborne, Nick Kopple-Perry, R29's own Kristian Laliberte, and Lizzie Lockwood.
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Nida Thaingtham getting her drink and dance on.
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Adelle McElveen from The Fashionista Lab and Aimee Song from Song of Style utilizing the super random props.
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Writer Angela Tafoya and a handsome fella.
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Yum. Diamond-y burgers.
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Big Thing's Rebecca Goldschmidt (in striped dress) gets down with her gaggle of girls.
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Seema Hamid and Refinery29's Christene Barberich play phone games.
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Poet Lynn Gentry hammering out on-the-spot custom prose for party goers. Give him a topic, and he's off!
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Bloggers Margot Bookspan, Jennie Lodge, Adelle McElveen, and Natalie Goel, are clearly a little confused by the random props.
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The Sugar Inc. gang up in huuurrr!
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Refinery29's Christene Barberich, Justin Stefano, and Anna Plaks play in the shadows.
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SPREADhouse photographers Greg and Peter acting crazy per usual.
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Refinery29's Justin Stefano and PR goddess Jessica Mullens.
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Taylor Sterling of Sterling Style, Aimee Song, and Jennie Lodge of Going West, hang with a platinum haired pal.
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The Metier gang gets low.
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Refinery29's Katie Hintz-Zambrano, writer Dino-Ray Ramos, and DNA (Designers + Artists) head Myra Joloya are clearly not on the same page with the theme of this photo.
39 of 54 founder Yuri Lee (left) with a fashionable friend.
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Cinched waist lovers Aimee Song cozies up to StyleNik's Kristen Philipkoski.
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Party people at Sloane.
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The Taylor Stich guys showing off their muscles.
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MAAS + Stacks crew in the house!
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On The Rack's Laura Ellner and Blake Brysha.
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Adelle McElveen and Natalie Goel from Like Fresh Laundry get their Sampras on.
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Refinery29's Amy Gruenhut (center) flanked by two lovelies.
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Rebecca Goldschmidt and Metier owner Sheri Evans are so surprised...and excited!
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Photog Philip Nguyen and a friend.
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Lulu Chang, Jerome Ison, a striped cutie, and Marcus Leung from Acrimony.
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R29 contributor Katie Baker (center) and friends take a call.
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The set-up!
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R29's Alison Koplar and Kristian Laliberte.