Tried & True Red-Lip Tips For The Holidays

One of the coolest things about a red lip is that every woman has her own spin on it. Whether it's swearing by the perfect scarlet shade or that no-fail secret to keeping the lip color from sliding off, it's hard to find a lip-stain devotee who doesn't have a tried-and-true trick or two up her sleeve. We've already shown you some of our favorite ways to spice up a classic crimson pout, but now it's time to tap into your expertise. That's why we checked in with a few stylish real girls, to see how they rock their perfect red. Read on for their can't-live-without-'em shades, plus no-fail tips on how to score a party-ready pucker.
Caitlin Chase, 23, copywriter/grad student
What do you love most about a red lip?
"It’s a striking statement that immediately makes any look more composed. It's also fast – which is key! I’m usually running out the door from the office to dinner or an event and don’t have the time to apply a ‘full face’ of makeup."
Why is a red lip such a great look for going out?
"It ups the ante of pretty much any outfit – a wonderful characteristic if I need to rapidly transition my look from day to night."
What are your favorite red lip colors?
"I tend to be very loyal to the reds that I love, so I only wear a handful of them. I’m a big fan of CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain in Wild Berry Wink, Nars Lipstick in Jungle Red, and Prestige Lip Liner in Tomango."
What are your secrets for making a red lip stay in place?
"The one downside to red lips is their tendency to bleed. In order to combat this problem, I usually create a base with either a lip stain or lip liner, and then apply lipstick or Burt’s Bees chapstick on top. I’ve had pretty good luck with both approaches."
Can you give us the step-by-step for your makeup look?
"I hate the feeling of a lot of makeup, so I try to keep it as minimalist as possible (hence my love affair with the red lip). This look consists of: La Mer moisturizer as a base, a little bit of Clinique All About Eyes concealer under my eyes, a few coats of Rimmel Max Volume Mascara, Nars The Multiple in South Beach, and last, but not least, Prestige Tomango Lip Liner with a topcoat of Burt’s Bees chapstick."
How would you describe your party-makeup style?
"Shockingly consistent! Generally, I stay true to the minimalist red lip approach – although occasionally I will opt for a dark eye for a change of pace."
Are you a fan of pairing a strong eye with a red lip?
"Generally, no. As a pale blonde, too much dark makeup tends to make me look ghostly and/or vastly overdone. I’ve found that less is more in my case."
How did you get into wearing a red lip?
"Impulse – for the win!"
Any secrets to keeping your lips soft in the winter?
"Lots, and lots, and lots of Burt’s Bees chapstick and vitamin E oil. It’s a bit of an addiction."
Collier Meyerson, 26, researcher/fact-checker
What do you love most about a red lip?
"Red lipstick singlehandedly changes my entire look. If I'm going straight from work to a party, I just slap on some red and it instantly washes away that 'I've been sitting at a desk for 200 hours' look."
Why is a red lip such a great look for going out?
"It doesn't matter if I'm wearing the most drab outfit — if I do red lips, then they become the outfit. The look is bold, stark, and makes you stand out in a crowd."
What are your favorite red lip colors?
"My favorites are Nars Lipstick in Heat Wave and Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Red Revolution. The Maybelline has a glossier effect, which I think I like better."
What are you secrets for making a red lip stay in place?
"I sometimes use a red lip pencil, then layer the Maybelline lipstick on top. I love the blend and the less expensive stuff surprisingly stays on longer."
Can you give us the step-by-step for your makeup look?
"My look is natural, so my only secret — besides wearing red lipstick — is using bronzer as eyeshadow. I just take a blush brush, close my eyes, and dab. A sparkly and soft reddish one does a great job of exaggerating my eyes — so simple."
How would you describe your party makeup style?
"Easy and bold."
Are you a fan of pairing a strong eye with a red lip?
"No — it's important to let lips stand alone; they are the main event, so let them do their thing!"
How did you get into wearing a red lip?
"I had always been a natural lip kind of girl. My friends would always make fun of me because I had like 12 of those CoverGirl LipSlicks Lip Glosses in my bag at once. One day, about three years ago, as I was getting ready for a holiday party, my friend insisted I trade in the gloss for just one night. After that, I was hooked."
Any secrets for keeping your lips soft in the winter?
"Aquaphor healing ointment!"

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