The Ultimate Survival Guide For A Red-Eye Flight

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Unless you have the funds to live it up on premier class, commercial flying is often an unglamorous activity. Red-eye flights — the ones that leave around midnight and arrive early in the morning — are simply the worst. It's tough to feel great and look fresh after having your sleep cycle disrupted, especially if you're expected to continue your day at work after you touchdown.
As unpleasant as they are, these flights can be a necessary evil, required to accommodate work schedules or budget concerns. To help you still get some shut eye, we've enlisted six top travel bloggers, influencers, and YouTube personalities who are seasoned pros at surviving red-eyes to share their secrets for creating comfort on an all-night journey. Your eyes won't ever turn red after one of these trips again — promise.
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"Forget waiting around for movies, food or drinks after takeoff — my main priority on red-eye flights is to sleep as much as possible, so I'm ready to enjoy my destination. I request a window seat and blow up my Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow as soon as I sit down. Sometimes, I even fall asleep before takeoff. Be sure to dress in loose-fitting clothes, hydrate and eat before boarding the flight, so you're prepared to rest."

— Brittany Kulick, blogger at The Sweet Wanderlust (@thesweetwanderlust)

Rei Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow, $26.95, available at Rei
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"I’m always that guy brushing my teeth in the airport restroom. It's what you do before and after the red-eye flight that really counts. If you don't want to invest in an expensive toothbrush or a heavy case, take some Wisps along for compact and on-the-go teeth cleaning."

— Damon Dominique, vlogger at Shut Up and Go (@damonandjo)

Colgate Wisp Max Fresh Mini Brush, $3.42, available at Target
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"Red-eyes don't need to make your eyes red if you sleep well enough on the plane all night. This neck pillow comes with adjustable cords and a thick layer of memory foam to make sure your neck is nice and snug all flight long. It also comes in a case to shield the product from airport germs."

— Jo Franco, vlogger at Shut Up and Go (@damonandjo)

Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillows, $39.99, available at Cabeau
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"I have a hard time sleeping on flights generally, and when I do finally fall asleep, I find the schedule of dimming and raising the cabin lights quite disruptive. My solution? A very soft, thick eye mask that shuts with velcro in the back. With no elastic band cinching my head, it's comfortable and completely blocks the light. Another lifesaver is earplugs. These are perfect for small ears and won't fall out."

— Jodi Ettenberg, travel writer and founder of Legal Nomads (@legalnomads)

Moldex Spark Disposable Earplugs Without Cord, $21.76, available at Amazon

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"I always bring baby powder in my carry-on bag. I buy the travel size from Johnson & Johnson, which can be found at most drug stores for $2. I apply it to my roots to keep my hair from getting oily on the plane, and it always makes me feel fresher when I step off a long flight."

— Selena Slavenburg, blogger and travel influencer at Find Us Lost (@finduslost)

Johnson & Johnson travel size baby powder, $1.47 available at Target
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"I always take red-eye flights because they're just so much cheaper. The trick is to request a window seat at check-in (unless you booked it online already). The worst is waking up to someone trying to leap across your leg to go to the bathroom. Right after I sit down, I pop on these noise-canceling headphones, which come with noise and volume control, and I'm out for the night."

— TJ Lee, blogger at Cup of TJ (@cupoftj)

Symphonized Noise-Isolating Headphones, $25.49, available at Amazon