Real Girl, Real Beauty: A Chic Small-Biz Babe Dishes Her Daily Routine

When we first spied girl-about-town Rebecca Thorsen, our initial thoughts were: Holy smokes! Hello, Breck girl lookalike! And then: How can we snag her beauty secrets? The 25-year-old business development pro, who lives and works in Alexandria, is a classic blonde-haired, blue-eyed babe, with a penchant for bright lips and cat eyes. And, as a self-confessed hair-teasing addict, she knows her way around a paddle brush, too.
Besides a full-time gig with her family's construction business, Becca squeezes in some fashion writing for Guest of a Guest, too. So, it goes without saying that we were stoked to get a look at her on- and off-duty wardrobes, as well as her makeup kit. And once when we sat down with her, we got all the answers to our burning beauty Qs, along with a first-person look at how she pulls off head-to-toe J.Crew one day and daytime sequins with silky track pants the next (and yes, it works!).
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What type of beauty girl are you? Are you minimal on the makeup, obsessed with skincare, all about hair, or a tried-and-true beauty junkie?
"I would like to think I am a minimal, 'less-is-more' type of girl. Recently, I have become a little borderline ... [but] I think I am still in the minimal beauty category, because I only take a few minutes to do my makeup. We’ll see where I end up."

What do you think your beauty look will be like when you're 70?
"I have every intention of looking like Iris Apfel when I am old, so whatever she looked like at 70. It’s going to be wonderful."

J.Crew Mens' Shirt, Necklace, Leather Belt, Skirt, and Ankle Booties.
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What's something you'd never try in the beauty and skin care realm?
"Out-of-a-box hair color. Never. I don’t mess with my hair color ever, so that is something I could never bring myself to do."

Karen Walker Sunglasses, Ann Taylor Bangles, Ring from Santa Fe, Anthropologie Albeit Lipstick in Claret.
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Do you have any secret hairstyling weapons?
"Velcro rollers, a good tease, and Elnett are my weapons of choice in the fight for more volume. It’s just all about volume for me, so a tease is pretty important and makes a big difference."

Becca's arsenal of hair products.
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What's your dream hairstyle?
"Jerry Hall-circa-Studio 54 hair. Long, thick, cascading waves — super glam and excessively feminine."

Becca uses a wide paddle brush to tease the crown for a retro ponytail.
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What's the craziest beauty mishap you've dealt with lately?
"I am very particular about my eyebrows, and have a hard time finding a place I like to get them done. I was in a rush one day, and went to a salon where I had never been before. It did not turn out well — I had to have her stop, and ended up finishing my brows myself. I had to get very comfortable with an eyebrow pencil for a while, which has actually turned out to be a benefit, because now I always use one."

A covetable collection of sunnies.
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Where do you get your makeup and hair inspirations? Do you have any icons?
"Any glamorous, vampy bombshell throughout history, like Brigitte Bardot and Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface ... so beautiful. I also have this thing for Bond girls — there is nothing more appealing than a Bond girl. Who wouldn’t want to look like one? Plus, look at all the variety."

A peek inside Becca's jewelry box reveals a penchant for statement gems and bold metallic pieces. We're smitten with the turquoise baubles she's acquired during trips to Santa Fe.
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Becca's sweet vintage bike does double duty as entryway storage for bags, shoes, and magazines.

J.Crew Heels.
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Is there a makeup or hair look you think should be retired?
"I am pretty forgiving concerning different hairstyles, because I am too nervous to deviate from my current look — so anyone who is bold enough to try something dramatic, I definitely applaud. [But] there is a fine line between trying something new and different, and just being obnoxious and trying too hard. Like this recent thing of girls shaving parts of their head — what is that?"

Free People Top, BCBG Necklace, J.Crew Pants, Christian Louboutin Heels, Bracelets from J.Crew, Hermes, and Cusp.
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What about one that should be resurrected?
"I love bobs! I tried to get my hair bobbed a few weeks ago, but my hair stylist was adamant that I let that idea go. But I had every intention to [do it] — they are so chic and confident. The only problem is it dictates your whole look, and does not look right if it’s messy. I know it is a challenge, and we are not all Anna Wintour, but I think they are wonderful."

The secret to Becca's perfect topknot? A single spin pin.
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Do you switch your makeup looks depending on how you wear your hair?
"Definitely, but [it's] more in response to natural changes in my hair as a result of different seasons. In the summer, my hair gets pretty blonde and I usually wear it wavy, so I don’t wear super-bright lipstick or any heavy makeup to avoid looking ridiculous. The fall and winter require a more polished look — blown-out hair and more deliberate makeup."

Becca sporting her favorite lip color: Bobbi Brown's Red #10.
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What are your favorite makeup and skin care products, and why?
"Once I find a product I like, I am pretty loyal to it. I use Kiehl's Crème de Corps lotion every day and have since high school, but recently had a meltdown when they discontinued my favorite scent, Gardenia. I have to use Grapefruit now; I guess I’ll survive.

I love Chanel blushes and bronzers — they smell amazing and go on so seamlessly. My favorite eyeliner, and the only one I ever use, is Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen in jet black; it is so easy to use, and makes the perfect cat-eye. I also can’t leave the house without Rosebud Salve, — I have to place tins of it everywhere, because I can’t risk being without it."
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What's your signature makeup look?
"I always have a cat-eye at varying levels of severity, depending on where I am going. It is really simple for me to apply, and it just works for me. I always have a lip color on — I feel like I am not fully dressed If I am not wearing any. Other than that, I would say I try to keep my look very natural, and not distracting."
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What's your favorite quick-fix beauty trick?
"Concealer, tinted lotion, my go-to daytime pink lipstick from Bobbi Brown, a peachy blush, and mascara. It’s a quick, three-minute routine, and I’m out the door. Concealer has been a lifesaver recently. Kevyn Aucoin has a great one that is a fairly recent find, but I don’t know what I did without it — it is the perfect consistency and weight."

Anthropologie Dress, J.Crew Necklace, Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Sweet Marmalade.
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Small dashes of daytime glamour make up Becca's signature style.

J.Crew Bracelet.
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Do you use any special tricks to combat hair issues like frizz, tangles, or limp hair?
"I am a huge advocate of dry blowouts and, consequently, dry shampoo. It really isn’t necessary to wash your hair every day, and it isn’t good for your hair, either. Dry blowouts and shampoo give hair more volume and make it easier to work with."

Ray-Ban Sunglasses, J.Crew Loafers.