7 Snooze-Button Culprits From Ralph Lauren Bedding

When we hear the words cashmere, velvet, or tartan — our thoughts go straight to sweaters and miniskirts. But Ralph Lauren is changing that tune with its luxe bedding collection that includes all three fabrics (and tons more plushy goodness). As if waking up wasn't hard enough!
And since sleep is one of our top priorities, we've rounded up seven heavenly throws, duvets, and pillows that'll have you wishing everyday was the weekend. Just try not to be late to work. Sweet dreams!
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Ralph Lauren Richardson Throw Blanket, $1,295, available at Ralph Lauren.
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Ralph Lauren Deauville Blossom Comforter, $355-$400, available at Ralph Lauren.
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Ralph Lauren Duke Devonshire Tartan Decorative Pillow, $249.99, available at Bloomingdale's.
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Ralph Lauren Devonshire Tartan Comforter, $430-$500, available at Ralph Lauren.
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Ralph Lauren Blossom Print Decorative Pillow, $89.99, available at Ralph Lauren.
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Ralph Lauren Marlowe Throw Pillow, $2,495, available at Ralph Lauren.
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Ralph Lauren Cream Ashmont Duvet Cover, $695-795, available at Ralph Lauren.