Will Your Raincoat Really Keep You Dry?

When it's raining and pouring (and the old man is snoring), that’s as good a sign as any you should go back to bed, right? Sadly, no. The fact of the matter is — like any other day of the week — you've still got to carry on with business as usual. Enter: the all-important weather-proof jacket.

Raincoats have made major fashion strides in recent years, thanks to design-conscious brands like Terra New York and Stutterheim, to name a couple. But, how do you know if a style you like will actually hold up in wet weather? Whether you're preparing to face a light drizzle or much heavier precipitation, a lot more thought should go into this purchase than if the jacket looks waterproof. 

To that end, we sought out expert advice from a couple of the aforementioned outerwear designers as well as a woman who really knows her stuff, WNYW Fox 5 meteorologist Audrey Puente. They've scrutinized this shopping process and pointed out the not-so-obvious details you should be looking out for, like welded seams and lined pockets. Keep reading for their guide to conquering April's showers in style. Stay dry out there!