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Rad Or Bad: Do These Paperself Fashion Eyelashes Make The Cut?

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    For us, fake lashes have always seemed to be more work than they're worth. A few embarrassing moments involving a date, below-par eyelash glue, and an awkward exchange of "oh, um... there's something, uh... on your face, I think—no, is that a spider?" have made us vow to ditch the falsies and learn how to rely on mascara alone. However, these eyelashes from Paperself are inspired by Chinese paper-cutting, and are freaky-deaky-awesome enough to warrant a trial. Coming in three styles (Peach Blossoms, Peonies, and Horses), the lashes look like otherworldly 3-D doodles extending out from your eyeballs. Think they're rad and not bad? Order a pair at Luna & Curious. (Style Bubble)

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