Meet Fashion's Newest Game Changers

The most gorgeous qualities of the most stunning people we know have nothing to do with eyelash lengths or chin shapes, and everything to do with a sense of adventure, fiery confidence, and willingness to not do things the same ol' way.

This year, we're celebrating exactly that kind of beauty with The New Provocateurs — introducing you to the coolest, most inspiring, rule-bending women in every industry, starting with fashion.

Inspired by the trendsetters at Revlon, we set out to discover what makes the fashion world's bravest really stand out. We tracked down 15 game changers — those designers, retailers, stylists, photographers, and PR powerhouses disrupting the industry's status quo — and shot them wearing their favorite outfits and most daring makeup looks (with a little help from Revlon, of course). Each woman here has a trailblazing story, a unique concept of beauty, and a whole lot of guts. Who knows? Maybe they'll inspire you to provoke some change of your own.

Rachel Kibbe

Sustainable fashion is — yes — a very good idea. An idea that many of these women are embracing wholeheartedly in their chic endeavors. And, thanks to Rachel Kibbe and her new e-comm site HELPSY, you can now shop consciously (and might we add stylishly) according to the causes that matter most to you. With HELPSY, Kibbe has quite possibly added the most provocative thing to e-commerce anyone ever could: a conscience.
The Parsons graduate has done what no one else has: List products by ethical factors, like local production and free trade instead of size and color. Just select your social passion, fall in love with a product, and click "add to cart." Now that's what we call guilt-free shopping.
All products by Revlon. ColorStay™ for Combo/Oily Skin Makeup, $12.99; ColorStay ShadowLinks™ Eyeshadow, $2.99; ColorBurst™ Lacquer Balm, $8.99; Powder Blush, $9.99; Bold Lacquer by Grow Luscious Length + Volume Mascara, $7.99.
The biggest challenge I've faced
“Getting out of my own way. Being a woman isn't easy. Many of us are prewired to doubt ourselves and not trust our instincts. I’m full of ideas, beliefs, convictions, and drive, but I can talk myself right out of all of them if I’m not really vigilant. I’ve learned to plan, execute, and then just close my eyes and jump, every single day, even when I fear failure.”
The future of the ethical fashion movement
“Relatively few people realize that fashion is the second most polluting industry next to oil. The ethical fashion movement is where the food movement was 20 years ago — budding but growing. In 10 years, I hope that ethical fashion and mainstream fashion become one, rather than separate. That’s the goal.”
What I do to feel glamorous
“I wear pink or red lipstick, dramatic eyes, and dry shampoo on second-day hair. It’s Even though my look is a bit tomboy, I love to bust out my legs sometimes. There’s so much power in the female body. I try and only expose one part at a time, but, you know, rules are made to be broken.”
What beauty means to me
“Something that comes from the inside, and it shows on the outside. It’s unique to each individual and, if cared for and cultivated, it increases with age. I’ll be at my most beautiful when I’m 80 — mark my words.”
Amour Vert Silk Jumpsuit, $335, available at Amour Vert; BCBGMAXAZRIA Strappy Heel, shop a similar style at BCBGMAXAZRIA; Enfants Perdus Crystal Dagger Pendant, $550, available at Enfants Perdus; Jewelry, Kibbe's own.
Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Hair by Bethany Brill; Styled by Laura Pritchard