Shop The Clothes Right Off Rachel Antonoff's Back — Seriously!

Rachel Antonoff is perhaps one of the most charming, down-to-earth designers we have the pleasure of knowing. And her style? Just as adorable, quirky, and unmistakably feminine as she is.
Needless to say, we couldn't wait to get our greedy little hands on her closet (only for your shopping pleasure, of course). And, Antonoff was oh-so generous enough to hand over more than 40 ultra-covetable pieces straight from her own wardrobe, from ruffled cropped tanks and prim vintage dresses to polka-dot short-shorts.
Click through to get a glimpse of the loot and remember to click quick if you see something you like. A percentage of all proceeds will go to The Ally Coaltion, an organization created by Rachel Antonoff and the band Fun. to inspire others to take action for LGBTQ equality, so there's no risk of post-shopping guilt here.
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"I bought this dress at my favorite vintage store in Burlington, Vermont. I fell in love with it and then never ended up wearing it. I picture it being worn to some kind of exciting outdoor event."

Vintage Dress, $75, available at R29 Shops.
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"I bought this jacket on a whim, but it's a little too small for me. It's so soft — I couldn't help myself."

J Brand Jacket, $75, available at R29 Shops.
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"I love these shorts, if I do say so myself. I wear them with tights, flats, and a sweater in the fall and winter. A more daring soul can wear them on their own in the summer!"

Rachel Antonoff Shorts, $85, available at R29 Shops.
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"I got these little mirrors for all of my friends when I was in Japan last year. Kawaii!"

Cat Compact, $25, available at R29 Shops.
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"Oh man, I went through a big 'this shirt' phase. I thought I was so sassy in it."

See by Chloé Top, $100, available at R29 Shops.
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"I love these sandals! They are so cute with jean shorts or a cute dress in the summer."

Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff Sandals, $65, available at R29 Shops.
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"This hat reminds me of Mary Poppins! It's definitely not for all occasions, but it's so cute — even if you just hang it on a wall."

Ronnie Flowered Hat, $45, available at R29 Shops.

Modeled by Ana Lisboa at Women Management; Hair and Makeup by Bethany Brill.
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"I may have to buy this one back — I LOVE IT."

Vintage Dress, $90, available at R29 Shops.
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"Again biased, but I LOVE this sweatshirt. It really is my go-to everyday layer. Wear it with a cute collared shirt underneath."

The Ally Coalition Gray Sweatshirt, $50, available at R29 Shops.

Modeled by Ana Lisboa at Women Management; Hair and Makeup by Bethany Brill.
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"Cat timepiece necklace — 'nuff said."

Xanadu Necklace, $40, available at R29 Shops.
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"I feel like this is something Liesl from The Sound of Music might have worn if she lived in the '60s."

Emma Domb Dress, $75, available at R29 Shops.
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"Wear this ruffled tank with high-waisted shorts in the summer."

Rachel Antonoff Tank, $90, available at R29 Shops.
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"Everyone needs a simple, pretty black dress. And this one twirls when you spin — always a plus."

Milly Dress, $90, available at R29 Shops.
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"I love this piece. The tiny fleck of blue makes it so special to me."

Vintage Locket, $40, available at R29 Shops.
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"This dress is so perfect with opaque tights and flats."

Mooka Kinney Dress, $85, available at R29 Shops.

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