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Hello, California — Rabeanco Comes To The States

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    A family heirloom comes in many forms: a ring, a cameo pendant, or maybe a gorgeous, leather bag that gets better with each year's passing. Lately, we've found ourselves quite smitten with the idea of investing in one timeless caryall to end all carryalls. We're talking sturdy, simple, and oh-so-functional, with a beautiful, gets-better-with-age design. It's a hard task, for sure, but thankfully luxury leather brand Rabeanco is lending a hand.

    Designed with Italian sensibilities, Rabeanco's creations (which include wallets, slouchy totes, structured purses, and lots more) are rendered in carefully selected leathers in a range of classic colors and textures. Previously unavailable in the U.S., the bags are now shoppable on the brand's shiny-new website. Even more exciting for us Californians? Rabeanco is gearing up to open three (!) brick-and-mortar shops across the Sunshine State this summer. Our fingers are crossed that the Los Angeles location will be just around the corner. Click through to view our favorite styles, including an exclusive U.S. launch special (and our personal fave), the Kanga, a perfect backpack that comes in classic cognac, deep purple, dusty rose, black, red and forest green!

    Photos: Courtesy of Rabeanco.

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