Check Out Where R29ers Worked During #Sandy

With Sandy's widespread devastation and power outages, R29 team members are just some of the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced this past week. And, since we're dedicated to constantly bringing you, dear readers, the latest updates and style content, we made due with whatever we had, office-wise. As we wrote yesterday afternoon, in terms of coverage, we didn't miss a beat.Our East Village HQ didn't get power until last night, so, lacking a home base, we set up work stations wherever we could — whether it was friends' living rooms, hotel lobbies, or even an odd rooftop. To show you how we kept Refinery up-and-running, we pulled together a peek into our makeshift offices so that you can get a feel for our collective togetherness, even when we're separated by power grids, rivers, and state lines.
Photo: Courtesy of Piera Gelardi
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Our design director Christina de la Cruz camped out at her friend's loft.

Photo: Courtesy of Christina de la Cruz
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Our Editorial production assistant made sure our email newsletters kept coming to your inbox from her bedroom in Carroll Gardens.

Photo: Courtesy of CD.
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Merchandise manager Charlene Chang set up shop in a bank vestibule. Now that's a lot of cords!

Photo: Courtesy of Charlene Chang
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Gabriela Alford, senior designer, held down the fort in her Boerum Hill living room.

Photo: Courtesy of Gabriela Alford
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Staff writer Gabriel Bell kept up with the news on the Upper West Side.

Photo: Courtesy of Gabriel Bell
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Tara Rasmus, Lisa Dionisio, and Kristian Laliberte ham it up for the cameras from their outpost at Harrison & Shriftman's midtown headquarters.

Photo: Courtesy of Kristian Laliberte
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Kelsey Miller uses her cat to stay warm in her unheated (but powered-on!) apartment.

Photo: Courtesy of Kelsey Miller
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Newlywed software engineer Jake McGraw kept R29 afloat from his wife's uncle's office in Connecticut. Congrats, Jake!

Photo: Courtesy of Jake McGraw
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Executive assistant Isabel Cafaro camped out at her hotel room with all the necessities. Pinot Grigio? Don't mind if we do.

Photo: Courtesy of Isabel Cafaro
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Laura Miller (and Sammy!) lucked out in Hastings-on-Hudson with the only block with power.

Photo: Courtesy of Laura Miller
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Anna Plaks took refuge at a Midtown hotel. Mmm, room service!

Photo: Courtesy of Anna Plaks
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Managing editor Jessica Teves worked from her Tudor City living room.

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Teves
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Ida Hariri hosted friends on her Brooklyn rooftop.

Photo: Courtesy of Ida Hariri
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Seija Rankin was stranded in Wisconsin, and enlisted the help of her new assistant, Rocky.

Photo: Courtesy of Seija Rankin
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An R29 pop-up office surfaced at Piera Gelardi and Philippe von Borries' Williamsburg pad.

Photo: Courtesy of Piera Gelardi
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Product designer Sarah Azpeitia hunkered down in her living room during renovations.

Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Azpeitia
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Willow Lindley, fashion and beauty assistant, hosted displaced friends in Williamsburg.

Photo: Courtesy of Willow Lindley
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Patty Delgado and Jorge Lopez mug for the camera from the tech team's makeshift headquarters.

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Lauren Blake negotiates advertising sales from a friend's Midtown abode.

Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Blake