35 Dope Snaps From The OC's Coolest Office Space: Quiksilver!

When we pulled up to Quiksilver's massive compound, there was a lone wetsuit hanging from a tree, still dripping with water from the Pacific. The image couldn't have been a more fitting intro to the legendary surf brand's space: It's a brilliant blend of corporate hustle-and-bustle and the organic hang-loose vibe that the company has managed to keep intact since its '60s inception. Housing 800 employees in three buildings — which range from standout state-of-the-art architecture to a musty old warehouse (a 12,000-square-foot skate park sits inside) — this isn't just a workspace, it's a spot where Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater, and Rob Dyrdek often pop their heads in, to showcase their mad skills.
Though we've had our fair share of Orange County office envy this year, we haven't had quite as many giggles or left more elated than we did this time 'round. Quiksilver's casual attire (90% flip-flops) and friends-and-family atmosphere make for a lighthearted work day (even when there's a heavy load on the staffers' plates), and made us loath the minute we had to hit the 405 home. Luckily, we can relive it all right now. Click through to hit our pro circuit, and you'll see why we left our hearts in Huntington Beach!
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You may not have even known it, but there are several brands underneath the Quiksilver umbrella, including Roxy, DC, Lib Tech, Gnu, and other emerging lines — some even still on the hush-hush!
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Courtney Kates, 32, VP of Emerging Brands Merchandising and Direct to Retail Licensing

What exactly does your role encompass?
"The short answer is everything pertaining to the universe of emerging brands like VSTR, Moskova, Summer Teeth, and Hawk. We have an extremely small team that juggles four lines. I help oversee anything and everything that I can. The guys call me 'Mother Hen.' Hopefully, it's not because of my appearance!"

What's the biggest perk about working for Quiksilver?
"The environment. We work hard and play hard. I appreciate the level of professionalism, but am also grateful for how much fun we have. I work with mostly guys — just throw in a couple of Aussies and we can take the jokes pretty far. I love my work family."

With your employee discount of half-off of all QS gear, what's the number-one item on your wish list right now?
"VSTR fall sweaters or the new Summer Teeth T-shirts. I buy a men's size small — sometimes it works and sometimes I leave the house looking like a 13-year-old boy."

Where's your ideal destination to take the brand's lifestyle?
"Anywhere overseas — every time I fly internationally I wear the VSTR Men's Travel Tee. The brand is influenced by global exploits and serves as a daily reminder to never leave home without my passport. 'Stampie-stamp, customs agent man! I love you and I mean it,' ha!"
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There are two retail stores on site that the public can technically shop, but the employees regularly raid.
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Did you know that ROXY is one of fashion's first surf feminists? It was the original brand to duck into the "blue-crush" wave by crafting a boardshort specifically for chicas. Today, it sponsors world-class chicks like four-time champ Lisa Andersen and Olympic Gold Medalist for Snowboarding Torah Bright.
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From left to right: Andrew Sprigle, 28, Global Product Line Manager; Kevin Bonner, 27, Apparel Artist and Graphic Designer; Dylan Petrenka, 32, Senior Footwear Designer

What's the biggest perk about working for DC?
Andrew: "Getting to test out the future of DC's skateboard footwear."

Kevin: "Honestly, the best part for me is that I get to hang out and do art with my friends, and then hit up the skate park after work with them. However, the discounts, occasional work trips, and company events aren't so bad either."

Dylan: "After growing up skateboarding in Arizona, I really appreciate the opportunity to work this closely to the sport with experiences at DC."
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Collin Knott, 19, Sales Sample Coordinator Assistant

What exactly does your role encompass?
"I help organize and handle the sample needs of 36 sales representatives and prepare the new lines for tradeshows and sales meetings."

What's your most memorable moment working for the company?
"Last year we went up to Bear Mountain for the Hot Dogs and Hand Rails snowboard competition and things got pretty crazy."

With your employee discount, what's the number-one item on your wish list right now?
"A new snowboard because it's just my favorite thing to do."
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The wall of the head honcho, Bob McKnight's office oozes hip heritage (and his daughter's renderings, too!).
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Ain't that the truth!
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Kristen Gooding, 28, Quiksilver Public Relations Manager

What exactly does your role encompass?
"I oversee all public relations initiatives for the Quiksilver Men’s and Women’s brands — this spans everything from brand PR to product, athletes, events, and pretty much anything in between. It’s an exciting job with new projects coming up all the time. Every day is a new adventure around here!"

What's your funniest moment working for the company?
"At our Spring '13 sales meeting this past summer, Todd Richards came in to interview Mark Healey about his most recent shark adventures. All I can say is that the scene involved a shark costume and some interesting positions — you totally had to be there, but for everyone that was, the whole room was laughing uncontrollably!"

Where's your ideal destination to take your QS lifestyle?
"I love being able to wake up in the morning, throw on a maxi or sundress, a pair of sandals, and be set for the day. Whether I’m spending the day at the beach, or in the office, that’s pretty much how I roll. Working at Quiksilver gives you the ability to bring your personal style and interests into your professional life — I think that convergence of passions is part of what makes this such an easy and awesome place to work."
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From behind left, clockwise: Damien Fahrenfort aka “Dooma,” 25, Digital Content Curator; Kyle Sivadge, 25, Marketing Coordinator; Ryan Foxx, 23, Supervising Manager of Corporate Retail; Matt Raminick, 31, Digital Brand Manager of Quiksilver Young Men's and Women's brands

What's your most memorable moment working for the company?
Damien: "It's funny for everyone else, but embarrassing for me. Earlier this year, I made a bet with Stephanie Gilmore, one of the team riders. I promised that if she won her fifth world title in the second to last event of the year, I would run around the office in a Speedo. Long story short, she won, and the whole company came out to see. I had to get in my skivvies with her name on the buns and pose in front of the whole company. People I have never even met practically saw me in the buff!"

Kyle: "I can’t recall a specific moment, but my most memorable time was when I got to travel on the Tony Hawk Tour this past summer. I never traveled much growing up, so being on the road for three weeks and staying in a different city every night was an insane experience that I wouldn't have had the chance to do without Quiksilver."

Ryan: "Definitely Dooma running through the office in a #5 Steph Speedo to celebrate her win!"

Matt: "Every year we have a work Halloween party that starts at 11 a.m., and pretty much nothing gets done that day. A couple of years ago the marketing department went as Oktoberfest, which meant every dude was in full lederhosen and all the girls were dressed accordingly. We had a live German accordion band, our own biergarten, and a guy making fresh pretzels."
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Looks like someone may have gotten his Fantasy Factory inspiration here!
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From Left: Kyle Sivadge; Ryan Foxx; Chad White, 25, Graphic Designer

What do you do for the company?
Kyle: "I mainly organize events, promotions, and help build relationships in local markets. I also work closely with team managers and sales reps in coordinating events, tours, and product placement."

Ryan: "I'm a brand ambassador for basically all Quiksilver-owned brands. I work with a team of about 19 people and we deal with showcasing all brands and sub-brands in our corporate retail stores. I handle anything from customer service to operations, visual merchandising, and sales."

Chad: "I work directly with the marketing team to create various pieces of artwork that are incorporated into different projects. Plus, I do anything and everything from the resizing of advertisements to the layout of catalogs and billboards."

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What's the biggest perk about working for Quiksilver?
Chad White: "The ten-minute drive to work, the beautiful women everywhere, and the private skate park."

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A killer, vivid morning mantra to kick off the day as employees enter the office!
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From left to right: Laura J. Thomsen, 37, Quiksilver Sales Rep of West Coast Style; Natalya Sariashvili, 26, Graphic Designer at Quiksilver Women's Marketing; Anna Sherwood, 30, Quiksilver Women's Marketing Director; Kenna Florie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Quiksilver Women's Divisions; Jennifer Andrews, 27, Quiksilver Women's Marketing Manager; Katie Nichols, 29, QSW West Coast Sales Rep

What exactly does your role encompass?
Natalya: "I design visually stimulating things to help communicate the awesomeness of our brands."

Kenna: "I manage all things sales and marketing related to Quiksilver's female division."

Jennifer: "I do everything from throwing events to creating gift-with-purchases for the season, producing seasonal photo shoots ... the list goes on and on!"

Katie: "I have the coolest job! I get to work one-on-one with retailers across the West Coast, selling the latest and greatest QSW products. It’s a lot of schlepping and a lot of travel, but I love the chaotic craziness of the industry. I especially enjoy the daily interaction I get to have with all different types of people and stores."

Laura: "My job means I'm a schlepper! I sell our amazing Quiksilver line to all of the core and major retailers on the lovely West Coast."

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What's your most memorable moment working for the company?
Kenna: "It's an absolute laugh-fest in our division. I work with the funniest, loudest, most sarcastic group of women. We have one man in our department — poor guy!"

With your discount, what's the number-one item on your wish list right now?
"The QSW Sail Cardigan — it makes me want to just cozy up on a winter day and drink hot chocolate."
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If we had a penny for the number of boards that pepper the campus ... we'd definitely buy a beach shack somewhere chic (Biarritz?)!
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Throughout the main building, poles are collaged with quirky snaps and snippets. There's seriously 360-degrees of endless inspiration anywhere you turn in any of the edifices.
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J. Acuna, 42,  Clothing Designer

What exactly does your role encompass?
"I design multiple categories for Quiksilver. Globally, I'm the designer for the walk shorts and pants range. On the regional level, I design all the woven — aka button-up — shirts."

What's your funniest or most memorable moment working for the company?
"Any time I'm traveling for Quiksilver tends to be memorable. Going to India stands out as one of my favorite trips. I was able to see how fabric is made from raw cotton into something complete, which is an amazing journey. Surfing in front of ancient temples and getting blessed by yogis was pretty cool, too!"
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Poonam Gupta, 28, Demand Planner

What exactly does your role encompass?
"I buy product for our wholesale accounts in the Americas. I get paid to spend money!"

What's the biggest perk about working for DC?
"Being surrounded by people who are passionate about their work."

What's your most memorable moment working for the company?
"When the 'Taco Lady' made us all fresh carne asada tacos at the Cinco de Mayo party. It was delicious!"
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You won't find a blank wall in the house! After 13 years in the same acreage and over 40 years in biz, QS has crossed all of their décor T's and dotted their identity I's in gorgeous form.
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An overview of the luxe lobby.
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Gabriel Tennberg, 39, VP Design & Merchandising, Apparel

What exactly does your role encompass?
"I'm basically responsible for everything but footwear. On any given day, I could be design directing the apparel, and then even pricing it out."

What's the biggest perk about working for DC?
"Having a lounge with beer in a Kegerator outside of my office — totally kidding! Really, it's the privilege of being part of the largest skate-brand company in the industry."

What's your funniest or most memorable moment working for the company?
"The funniest and most memorable would have to differentiate a bit … My funniest moments are any time I get to hang with or work alongside Rob Dyrdek because everything he says and does is absolutely hilarious! My most memorable moment was watching the photo shoot for the Rediscover DC ad."

With your discount, what's the number-one item on your wish list right now?
"Probably the DC Chino pant in every color. I've taken a more 'uniform' approach to picking out my clothes for work every morning, and lately I've been rocking the Chinos on a daily basis. I oftentimes pair them with a T-shirt bearing our logo, like today."

Where's your ideal destination to take your DC lifestyle?
"My ideal destination would have to be a skate park with my kids. At the moment, my two oldest are really starting to get the hang of skating, and I'm stoked to be there to watch it."
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Maria Boschetti, 31, DC Public Relations Manager

What exactly does your role encompass?
"As PR Manager, my job is to generate press for the product lines, athletes, events, and brand as a whole. The PR strategy is really key when planning a launch, and I work heavily with the marketing and design teams to strategize in advance. A good PR campaign can really shape the image of a brand, as well as the athletes and products. Right now DC is on top, and it's definitely because of all of the talented people that work together on it!"

What's the number-one QS item on your wish list right now?
"It would have to be one of our new DC snowboards because I love the graphics. There are boards with animals, food, body parts, and even people — our designers are so funny and just so awesome. I can't wait to roll up to the mountain with the DC PLY cheeseburger board."
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From left to right: Damien Fahrenfort aka “Dooma”; Taylor Cotton, 29, Marketing Manager; Matt Raminick

With your discount, what's the number-one item on your wish list right now?
Damien: "Maybe some snow gear for winter. I saw a few of the samples the other day and they looked amazing."

Taylor: "With winter knocking on the door, I've been eyeing the Neo Goo booties to keep my feet cozy as the water temps drop. They're dipped in liquid Neoprene, making them seam-free and virtually leak-free, which I'm hoping will make those winter-dawn patrols a bit more inviting."

Matt: "I really want one of those neon yellow hats that Kelly [Slater] wore at the Trestles event. Those are sweet."
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A wall of diminutive dudes stands sentinel outside of the CEO's door. We're sure Tony Hawk could do some damage with his deck!
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Bob McKnight, 59, CEO

What's the biggest perk about working for Quiksilver?
"Working with my assistant Erica, ha!"

In your long run with the brand, what's been your most fun moment?
"It was when the whole company, which at the time was 30 people, went to The Kern River on a camping trip. After a long weekend of bonding, we were told to break up camp, but instead we just left everything there and called it a day!"

Where's your ideal destination to take the QS lifestyle?
"Indonesia because of the heat, water, waves, people, landscape, and culture."
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Where's your ideal destination to take the QS lifestyle?
Damien Fahrenfort aka “Dooma”: "Maybe an Indonesian boat trip with the team, or anywhere in the tropics. I just recently discovered our Diamond Dobby Board Shorts that don’t give you a rash, so I'd definitely pack those. When I was sponsored by other surf companies, I refused to believe they worked, but they actually do — it’s amazing! So, now I'm really excited about warm-water waves. Quiksilver wetsuits are really good, too — I don’t fear the frigid Northern California surf anymore."
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Beautifully designed boards mimic raindrops falling from the industrial ceiling.
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Can't you faintly hear a Jack Johnson melody playing the soundtrack to this tour?
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What's your funniest or most memorable moment working for the company?
Kevin Bonner: "Being from Ohio, I'm still a skate nerd that tends to get starstruck. So, it was rad when they first announced the new Rediscover DC team, and they came out during an event. It was a nice reminder of where I came from, where I'm at now, and the great team I am a part of."
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Where's your ideal destination to take the QS lifestyle?
Laura J. Thomsen (left): "I'm not going to lie, I pretty much live my ideal lifestyle on the peninsula in Newport. I'm happy to be here and I'm at the beach as often as possible. If not here, then definitely back in Australia!"

Katie Nichols (right): "The great thing with the QSW line is that it's filled with modern classics that truly work anywhere. I'm in a long-distance relationship and am regularly back and forth between Newport Beach and Chicago on the weekends. I love that I can take the same piece and wear it at the beach one weekend with cut-offs and flops, then rock it the next in downtown Chicago with skinnies and pumps. The collection is timeless and effortless, which is a necessity in my crazy-transient life."
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What's the biggest perk about working for Quiksilver?
Anna Sherwood: "There are a ton, like traveling to amazing destinations and having more clothes, shoes, and accessories than anyone really needs! But, I think the biggest bonus is getting to work with fun, inspiring, and creative people every day. The people — hands down — are the best part about working for the company."
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Outside of this door is a shady patio, where the brand holds "Thirsty Thursdays" with live bands and booze. Inside rests a cute café serving up fuel from the wee hours through lunch. How does a protein shake sound before you hit the full gym or basketball court also lurking near your desk? Sigh.
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Only a year old, the way this modern marvel catches the beachside light really made us not want to say goodbye!