8 Prom Horror Stories That Will Make You Glad You're Out Of High School

Movies tell us that proms are supposed to be magical, glorious evenings. Our outfits will be elegant, our dancing will be on point, and the night will culminate in our crushes confessing their feelings for us. It's supposed to be a night to be remembered.

But in reality, that's not always the case. Sometimes, real life gets in the way. And sometimes, prom is a night to be remembered — but in the worst way possible. When a night is filled with such high hopes, it's all too easy for something to go wrong.

Ahead, we rounded up eight horrifying prom stories from our readers (and some staff members). Prepare yourself for everything from food poisoning to, well, some major drama.

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"My boyfriend had just broken up with me before prom, so my best friend's brother offered to take me, because his girlfriend didn't want to go, and he felt bad. The day of prom, his girlfriend decided to be jealous. We proceeded to our hotel for the after-party, and it only got worse. Because my date's girlfriend came, I had to sleep on the floor. This guy who goes to my school passed out drunk on the floor next to me. He was so drunk, he peed himself, and the pee migrated to me. Yeah. I was peed on. At that point, I just went home, threw away my dress, showered three times, and stayed home the rest of the weekend." — Alyssa, from DeForest, WI
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"I found out a guy I'd been seeing had another girlfriend, and he was bringing her to prom instead. So I went with my friend Colin, who is an amazing dancer and made a big show of twirling me around and making me look amazing as a big 'screw you' to my would-be date. At one point, he went a little too far and gave me a very provocative lap dance in front of my eighth-grade social studies teacher, who was chaperoning. I went along with it until me and the teacher made eye contact, and then I promptly hid my face and tried to get him to stop (he wouldn't)." — Kathleen, from Clarks Summit, PA
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"I was the horror on my prom night. I thought my date and I were going as just friends, and he was a nice enough dude, so I thought everything was fine. But as the evening progressed, I realized that he was hoping for more. I danced with a bunch of other guys and mostly ignored him. Then we all went to the after-party and got pretty drunk. He ended up sick, and one of my friends had to look after him. I couldn't because I was too busy hooking up with the hot neighbor next door. Oops." — Katherine, from Toronto, Canada
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"I went to prom with a jerk who I really liked at the time. He told me I was forbidden to wear heels, because I could 'potentially' be taller than him (I'm 5'11" as is), and had also told all of his friends that I had to wear something tight that 'made my butt look good.' The whole time at prom, he ignored me, and then at the after-party he tried to make a move. He sucked. I didn't know how to deal with it in the moment, but kicked him to the curb eventually (took me a few months, but I made it happen). I went to prom alone senior year, wore heels, and it was awesome." — Michaela, from Wilbraham, MA
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"I went to prom with my girlfriend at the time (I am a gay male, haha), and wore a very tacky and flashy pearled jacket. I ate calamari for pre-prom dinner and ended up puking on the dance floor from food poisoning. I beelined it for the restroom...and went home after being at prom for 20 minutes." — Cody, from Cocoa Beach, FL
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"I was in a prom group of 50, split into two large limos. I wore a floor-length, teal, chiffon dress (yikes). The first group's limo never showed up, so they were driven to dinner by their parents. Since the first group didn't get to hang out on the limo, they got to dinner first and were done earlier. Little did we know, they ended up taking our limo to prom, leaving us stranded at Union Station in D.C. for two hours. The limo finally came back, with a broken window and enough time for me to make the last 30 minutes of prom. Oh, and it was pouring rain — I got soaked. We ended up just taking a lot of pictures, so my prom photos basically consist of me and my group of friends outside the train station and various landmarks in D.C." — Cate, from Arlington, VA
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"I went to my senior prom with a gold, floor-length dress...with my boyfriend, who was a year older than me and [had] already graduated. The night before, my date partied too hard for Cinco de Mayo (or maybe a end-of-year party). He overslept, and his mom showed up. Turns out, he hadn't packed, and he was a two-hour drive away from me. He showed up late and puked between the cars in the parking lot. I was definitely mad at my boyfriend, and upset. I remember a friend's dad even talking to him. I got over it, to try and enjoy the rest of my night, but then our group limo broke down — and so did the replacement one after. The second time it happened, it was a bit harder to believe it." — Whitney, from White Bear Lake, MN
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"I went...with my high school boyfriend, and then drank too much Sambuca in our pink fire-truck of a party bus. I ended up throwing up copiously in the restroom of the hotel." — Finola, from Belfast, Northern Ireland