Korean Beauty Products The Pros Can't Live Without

It's fairly obvious that we, along with the rest of the world, have a slight obsession with Korean beauty products. From cushion compacts to bounce creams, we're always curious to try the latest to come out of Seoul. But, us editors aren't the only ones who can't get enough of all things Korean. Pro makeup artists are also hip to these innovative beauty imports, and have discovered all kinds of life-changing new buys that are now staples in their kits.

So, what are those must-haves? We asked, and they told us. Ahead, find the Korean beauty products that your favorite makeup pros love. And, they aren't just into the makeup — skin care reigns supreme. Fitting, considering the Korean approach to beauty puts an emphasis on skin care and application technique. Gotta prep that canvas, right? Click through, and get to shopping. 
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Makeup artist Benjamin Puckey swears by this undereye sheet mask, claiming it instantly plumps and brightens. The secret is fermented snail slime, which sounds pretty gnarly, but helps create a moisture barrier that keeps this delicate area insanely hydrated.
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"It's a thick, hydrating gel that you are meant to apply at night. It moisturizes and expedites cell turnover," says makeup artist Troy Surratt of this overnight sleeping mask. "It also helps to relax and lull you to sleep with a pleasant aromatherapy essence. My friend also recommended that I use it as a travel mask to keep my skin moisturized while on the plane, and I have been slathering it on in-flight ever since."
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"VDL's Pantone Palette has nice texture in really wearable colors," Puckey says. We particularly love that red shade in the upper left-hand corner. Sub it in for your typical dark shadow to get a subversive smoky eye.
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Makeup artist Nick Barose digs this product because of its hydration benefits. "It's non-greasy, though, so it is totally makeup-friendly," he says. The gel is also packed with nine essential amino acids, which help your skin look insanely radiant.
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"This is all the craze in Korea right now. It gives a perfect, dewy finish," Puckey says. Cushion foundations are brilliant for flawless coverage, but Sulwhasoo's does you one better. It boasts an unheard-of SPF 50+, so if you're looking for that all-in-one base product, this could very well be it.
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"The brush is so tiny, so it grabs the lashes," says Barose. "You can roll it to curl your lashes from roots to tips. The formula is rich-black, so the lashes look dramatic, but not clumpy." Sign us up for all of the above.
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Puckey is a huge fan of this three-color contour palette, because it instantly brightens the complexion. It's also foolproof — mix and match it for your perfect hue.
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"These are amazing: They reduce puffiness and dark circles. Definitely a must-try," says Pamela Cochrane, makeup artist to Lana Del Rey. The royal jelly improves skin's elasticity, which helps it bounce back after a particularly rough night that's written all over your face.
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Baking powder is a genius natural exfoliator, so it's no wonder Puckey has taken a liking to this product. It's gentle enough for daily use, though, so you don't have to worry about scuffing up your skin.
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The biggest issue with tints is that they never seem to be high-pigment enough. But, this teeny tube solves that issue in a snap. "This lip stain goes on super-sheer and smooth. It's available in a ton of great colors," Puckey says. We're smitten with this delicious shade — it provides the perfect just-bitten pop of color.
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The secret behind this moisturizer? Prune water — which we just learned is a thing that exists and is actually totally killer for your face. It strengthens your skin's moisture barrier, which helps keep it supple.
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"The design [of these blotting papers] is genius. [There's] an adhesive puff to pick up and apply the sheets. Plus, they come in a compact," Puckey says. Who says blotting papers can't be glamorous?
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Barose swears by this blackhead scrub, ever since a trip to Thailand. "It's hot there, so my pores got clogged. This stuff cleared me right up," he says. While this particular one isn't available stateside, the brand's U.S. version is just as amazing. It's formulated with ghassoul clay (also known as rhassoul clay), which draws out impurities and helps control sebum production.
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A non-drying, matte lipstick that comes in a variety of shades is a beauty unicorn if we ever heard of one. But, Puckey stands behind these tubes from TonyMoly. Even though they're matte, they're intensely moisturizing, which adds to their allure.
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"It's a viscous balm-mask that comes with a silicone spatula applicator," says Surratt. "I have been using it somewhat regularly, and I must say that I am pleased with the results when I wake up. My lips feel moist and plump in the morning — not to mention that it smells and tastes ever-so-faintly of bubble gum, which I love."
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We know all about cushion compacts, but cushion eyeliner is a whole other animal. This one's a favorite of Puckey's. "The application is great, and it comes in a wide range of colors," he says.
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