"Never Have I Ever": How To Dress For An Important Work Meeting

Even though we like to think we’ve been there and done that, there are certain life events that even our most experienced editors have yet to encounter. In this, our ultimate style guide was born. We’ve enlisted the help of a few R29ers to bring you useful shopping tips that’ll prep your closet for every major milestone, so you’re never left saying, “What do I wear?”
"As a relative newbie to the working world, I've had my fair share of perplexing moments when it comes to work wear. My first job out of college involved a 'creative corporate' dress code (the kind where you can only sport denim on Fridays), and now, at R29, it's the kind of office where literally anything goes. It's awesome — and believe me, I love being able to simply rock denim, a tee, and Converse on those key days when it's the only thing I can imagine putting on my body. But, all of those possibilities actually make it kind of difficult to get dressed in the morning.
"This year, I'd love to really master cool, edgy, but polished work wear — the outfits that make one feel empowered to command a conference room but still allow my personality to shine through. All the better for 'leaning in,' 'having it all,' and '#makingitwerk,' no?”
—Tara Rasmus, assistant beauty editor
Click through for easy tips on how to make a work wardrobe look professional but still your own when you lead your first big meeting.
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Embellished Blazer

A blazer may seem like a given, but instead of reaching for a basic black or navy style, choose an option with fun details to make it feel like your own and not office-stuffy.
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Killer Pumps

You'll feel like you run the world if you ditch your flats for a sleek stiletto. But, go for a style that's not too high. You want the extra height for confidence, but don't want to come across as too sexy. Find a pair with an ankle strap to give you just a tad more support as you're standing during your presentation.
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Full Skirt

To look professional without sacrificing your personality, test out a full skirt. The longer hem is appropriate, and a style in a fun color with texture (like this one) allows you to stand out.
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Sleek Notebook

Don't bring your crumpled, used notebook into your first big meeting. You'll look more experienced with a clean option in a handsome hue.
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Prim Blouse

A white blouse is a simple way to exude sophistication — especially when it's tucked in with most of the buttons fastened.
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Alternative Studs

Go for subtle jewelry rather than flashy gems for a polished look. But, that doesn't mean your baubles have to be boring. Studs in an interesting, geometrical shape with cool, tarnished detailing are totally special.