The Products Every Commuter Needs In Her Purse

We could probably write a novel (or maybe a self-help book) detailing all the struggles that go along with traveling to and from work every day. Waking up late, picking out an outfit (so many clothes, nothing to wear!), public transportation, traffic, crowds, spilling coffee...not to mention, all the stuff that happens while you're actually at work.

Whether you have time to get ready in the morning or not, we think it's always helpful to have a few beauty products on hand for touchups, pick-me-ups, smoothing sessions, and more while you go about your day. Ahead, nine products that are small enough to fit in your bag and sly enough for in-transit or at-your-desk application.
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A Fail-Safe Hair Tamer
The fight against frizz is real — especially when you're commuting. Whether you woke up late and had to forgo styling or your hair just can't stand up to humidity on the subway, it's always good to have something on hand to tame flyaways. But who has room for a bottle of product in her bag, or wants to deal with a possible spillage situation? Enter these sheets by Kérastase (like dryer sheets for your hair!), which smooth things down and banish frizz in just a few swipes. Plus, they’re conveniently compact and disposable — simply run the sheet over the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, and then toss it. Oh, and did we mention they work on ALL hair types?

Kérastase Carré Lissant, $28.50, available at Kérastase.
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A Moisture-Packed Hand Cream
Before we say anything else, how about this A+ packaging? It's so freaking adorable you may want to pull it out of your bag just to look at it. But aesthetics aside, this apple-scented hand cream is formulated with a mix of shea and mango butters that will treat the most parched of palms. And it soaks in within seconds, so you can continue to scroll through your phone without any issues.
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A Cover-Anything Concealer
Arguably the worst part about commuting is that it takes away from your much-needed beauty sleep. And, as we all know, the first place exhaustion shows up is under your eyes. But with a trusty and compact concealer stashed in your bag for touchups, no one has to know you're operating on five hours of shut-eye. We're fans of this Dior primer plus concealer for its multi-use abilities (you can even use it to prime your pout before applying lipstick), crazy-good coverage, and skin-like finish. Your dark circles won’t stand a chance.
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A Multipurpose Lip & Cheek Color
The last thing you need to worry about is rummaging through multiple lipsticks and blushes at the bottom of your purse when you're on the go. The solution? One multi-purpose lip-and-cheek product that packs major punch. Burberry’s Lip & Cheek Bloom is our current go-to, as it comes in six stunning shades and has a super-lightweight, mousse-y formula that makes application completely foolproof.
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Applying lipstick on the train is fine in our books, but we draw the line at foundation. Not only would you have zero elbow room to rub the product into your skin, but touching your face after you’ve held onto the subway pole — we’re getting itchy just thinking about it. For a more hygienic way of applying base makeup, try a cushion compact, like this one from AMOREPACIFIC. One pat with the puff applicator gives you lightweight coverage, sun protection, and hydration. The elegant compact’s not bad on the eyes, either.
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A Rejuvenating Facial Mist
If you're trying to cut down on coffee, but still need a little pick-me-up when you hit that midday slump, a facial mist may be just what you're looking for. Stash Tatcha’s travel-size Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, which contains a slew of skin-loving ingredients like squalene and red algae, in your tote for a caffeine-free refresher. Just spritz on when you're slowing down, and watch and feel your visage instantly perk up.
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A Grease-Reliever
If your complexion is on the oily side, powder or blotting papers are a must. We’re partial to the latter for midday touchups, as they’re mess-proof and don’t require a brush. There are tons of versions on the market, but Nyx’s are long-standing favorites — specifically the Fresh Face ones. A few dabs of the disposable sheets will eliminate shine without disturbing makeup, but still leave a pretty glow. Plus, they’re under $10.
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A Gimme-More Brow Groomer
Groomed brows instantly make you appear more polished and ready to take on the world. Some peeps use two to three — even four — separate prods to take their brows to the next level, but when you’re on the move, that’s not exactly the most feasible route. Instead, shoot for one do-it-all product that will add color, dimension, and hold. We’re currently over the moon about this tinted brow gel by Korean brand Chosungah 22. Besides its ridiculously cute packaging, this waterproof gel works to fill in sparse areas, define and shape, and set the brows in place. So it’s basically all you’ve ever wanted in one brow product.
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A Pocket-Sized Detangler
If your hair is prone to tangles and knots, then you need the Tangle Teezer in your life, ASAP. Though it looks simple, this innovative tool has special teeth that slide seamlessly through tangles without causing breakage. We recommend the palm-sized version, which is perfect for throwing in your purse.
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