Say ALL The Feelings With These V-Day Cards

Maybe you love V-Day. Maybe you passionately boycott it. Or, maybe you're just like, "Oh, it's V-Day?" No matter your position, it's probably safe to say you'd love to get a handwritten note from your BFF, your crush, or your soul mate. Perhaps, even your mom. 

So, we found 14 notes that cover all the bases, from flirting to reaffirming your devotion. Because, there is more than one type of love. Send these out, and just watch all the good vibes start flowing. You don't need to wait for February 14. 
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It's an infinity circle kind of relationship.
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Because, you don't need a card to say what you're feeling. You can say it.
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The surest card to win anyone over, ever. Best of all, you can send it via interwebs, too.
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There's no hiding your affection in an envelope.
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For fellow snack lovers.
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Say it a thousand ways. But, always say it in French.
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You can never go wrong with classic.
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These vintage papers are for old-school love.
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Sometimes, there are just boundaries.
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Love is free. And, so is this card. Well, you have to buy the ink and paper.

Frienemy Valentine's Day card, free, available at Wedding Chicks.
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Small bursts that will erupt into flames.
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Go classroom-style and give notes to all your friends.
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If you're resigned to the fact.
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Here you go...